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    you get the best of both worlds, eh?

    indeed you do ms. hannah miley montana cyrus.
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    The ending a tearjerker?

    i didn't cry or get really emotional, really. i was just bummed that i didn't have anything else to play.
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    [music] gogol bordello

    he is the silliest singer i have ever heard of.. just go and listen to this: start wearing purple ....what the heck!
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    Fanfiction ► /-Moonlight Shadow-/

    i am so looking forward to the update! <3
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    [music] bullet for my valentine

    bestie band evaaaa <3 anyone else like bfmv? if you do, give your favorite song[s] mine are- "tears don't fall" & "hit the floor"
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    beware of imposters =]

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    The Burnt Toast Cafe

    this is silly, but what the heck. this fanclub is against burnt toast. i mean, regular toast is alrighty-o, but BURNT TOAST? no. would anyone like to join? or is this to much sillyness for you to handle? TBTC members +:Brandy:+
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    theory of dusks...

    now its fixed. as for the organization not being able to control all types of nobodies, i thought that since they were nobodies themselves, then they could. but, if i'm wrong, now i know, eh?
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    Level 99 Roxas

    ... why would you want to level up Roxas to level 99? now all of the bosses wil be fairly easy, and you will eventually grow bored with the game. anyway, i don't believe you can do it.
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    sora's new look

    ok... can someone close this now? people are just posting the same thing over and over, and its kind of annoying. please and thank you.
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    sora's new look

    i do agree with haley going through puberty. he sounds like a manly man now.
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    sora's new look

    exactly: "the whole entire game." have you seen anyone in that game eat a meal? uh-oh, i'm worried now. look, i'm not trying to be critically damaging here, but its my opinion.
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    sora's new look

    i just laughed out loud. but no one heard me. anyways...um, why does it actually matter why his skin is different or if he is taller: everyone changes over time anyway. what if i came up to you after two years and was like, "why did you change?" think.
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    Human Longetivity and God

    longitivity:science so, scientist now say that they have found a way to extend our lifespan to where we can live to be up to 800 years old. ok, so i can go with that. being a christian, lookie what i found: Page One Page Two so, in the bible, it says that man's lifespan on the earth will be...
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    House of Night

    has anyone read the House of Night series? i believe that it falls into the category "amazing vampyre books". when i first picked up "marked"-the first book-i thought it was going to be a typical vamp. book about blood sucking monsters who are damaged by the sun. boy was i wrong-it was so much...
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    hello. i'm brandy, and i am new here. i have heard great things about this site and hopefully i will fit in. i like giving my opinion, so please don't be offended if i give my opinion on something and you don't agree with me. also, please check in on my blog from time to time. the link is...