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    Final Form

    You do not have to beat the final boss to obtain Final Form. Review this page on gamefaqs and you will see that other people have obtained it a different way. http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/search.php?board=915410&string=final+form Final Form much like Anti-form or whatever the Darkness...
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    Why Do You Play As Mickey **SPOILERS**

    Like some one pointed out the title is the spoiler. To all of you non believers Mickey is playable.
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    kh2 intro now out!!! spoilers

    Re: kh2 intro now out!!! Already have it posted here, http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?threadid=36212
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    KH2 Menu Trailer Please...

    Just go to the thread I made, It should be up on youtube soon. http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?threadid=36212
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    A bunch of media from Jillv (SPOILERS)

    Jillv/KairiLi has uploaded abunch of KH2 media so credit goes to here. I will continuosly update the page as soon as more of the videos finish uploading and converting and what not, but expect more to come later on. Menu trailer: (May conatin some spoilers)...
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    A bunch of info from 2ch (Mega spoilers)

    Sorry that you all had a tuff time trying to understand all of that stuff, but I didn't have the time to translate the info for you. I was late for an event that I had to attend. So I used a translator like google, and free-online translator, and such. Doesn't matter now. As for the suprise I...
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    A bunch of info from 2ch (Mega spoilers)

    Titles speaks for itself, Have fun comprehending. 解析ってか、nyで流れてる。 フォームはダークフォームは簡単に手に入る。 俺の場合は運がよかった。隠し?なのか知らない。 たぶんやってたら普通に手に入る。あとたぶん一つある。 勝ち抜いてないから手に入れてない。 ラスボスはロクサスじゃない。 今たぶん2/5くらい進んだけど、アクセルがラスボスっぽいのに殺される。 COMメンバーは今の所一人も出てきてない。 キーブレードは半分固定・・?といってもいい。 一応手に入る武器はあるんだけど、 マスターフォームは片方過ぎ去りしだし...
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    I'm planning to import....

    Or, you don't have to give up any information to someone you don't know at all and you can just go here, http://modchipstore.com/PS2-Slide-Card-Swap-Magic-Combo-16158.html
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    Part of the New Commercial!

    Non-Existant One has been busy with other things like exams, and school work. Now that school is over for me for the rest of the year. I can focus more on KH2, and other things. Like the KH2 holiday present I've been working so hard to bring to you all. There is no garantee that I will suceed in...
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    A more complete scan of BHK

    Here is a slightly more complete scan of the weekly jump. Apparently the struggle does deal with balls or something. BHK and Setzer or whatever both seem to have baseball bats of somekind.
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    Is there a point?

    In FM when you completed the journal and collected the golden mickey head icons which were to signify that you completed a specific section of the journal you would be rewarded with the DD video after the credits and ending scene. In KHCoM You also aquired golden mickey head icons. Although I...
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    NEW trailer is REAl

    it turns out the new trailer is real. Here is the summary for those that missed it. **SPOILERS** FULL Trailer Summary - It starts from the coastal scene with 2 cloaked figures (DI maybe...or maybe the Deep Dive scene with GEU and SU) - BHK holding his head? (place unknown) - BHK vs. Axel...
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    Full trailer summary

    From KHU, RUMOR Kingdom Hearts 2 - New Trailer [06 Dec 2005] [Cow] Hey everyone, Supposedly there is a new trailer playing at the Square-Enix Shop in Akihabara(this sounds familar <.<') that has some pretty cool scenes: FULLTrailer Summary - It starts from the coastal scene with 2...
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    KH3 a possibility?*SPOILERS* I guess

    Got to stick to the new rule on postin info even if it's not realy a spoiler. Anyways I found this on SD. "Minor news; Talk of Kingdom Hearts 3? Roxas confirmed? In the Japanese community, there has been recent talk of the Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Alpha. Supposedly, there was talk about...
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    KH2 at Zone 05

    Read my previous post. It's a gift/natural skill. Besides I have an awesome source that no one seems to have, and it's not 2ch, kh-info, kh-rebirth, etc. IT's a different source I found by clicking around.
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    Mildly new news. Legit this time

    The scans you are looking for are on this main site. It's scans that we have recieved already it's nothing you haven't seen.
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    KH2 at Zone 05

    Don't get your hopes up about the trailer. There is no garantee that we'll get the trailer. Much like the ones from E3, and the SE party. Take this to be like those in terms of our chances of seeing it. There isn't even a summary or any info on what was shown in the trailer. So all I'm saying is...
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    KH2 at Zone 05

    I could have posted this a day or two sooner (When the event actually took place) but it didn't seem to import at the moment. Anyways there is this event that is called Zone (Or perhaps it's a place. Not sure.) I think it's in france or something. Don't really care were it is. It's not like I...
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    Mildly new news. Legit this time

    http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/ http://www.sorasdomain.net/
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    Mildly new news. Legit this time

    I also couldn't get it to load on my web browser, Internet Explorer, so I switched to Fire Fox and it came up.