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    Can we talk about how atrocious the Remind Limit Cut voice acting is?

    Because he IS slowed down by what he's saying. He's recapping information that he already knows and basically is leading him nowhere. They all really want to save Sora, but they also are in a rut as to what to do next. Remember, it's been about a year.
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    Can we talk about how atrocious the Remind Limit Cut voice acting is?

    The voice acting in Remind isn't bad at all, lots of hate is given especially toward KH3 Riku when "stilted, boring" is EXACTLY the kind of acting that is demanded of the character. Need proof? Listen to the same lines in Japanese. DG and MM do freaking fantastic as Dark Riku, but their...
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    SE reveals new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link information

    Can someone please post video, screens don't do games justice.
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    Been a whole ass month since the last post...can SE please do something to hype this up? Closed beta testing was supposed to be in Fall...we're nearing the midpoint already....
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    The State of KH Series: DISNEY/Square Enix/Original Characters

    I didn't mean literally kill off SDG, but stop including them in everything. Look at BBS for example - on its face, the first KH games to NOT include Sora in some way and even though Ven was just Sora-lite for many (or even weird-Roxas), the game managed to create new OCs that mostly stood on...
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    Why were Hayner Pence and Olette on the destiny islands? (Fun discussion)

    HPO get a free pass because they're KHOCs and otherwise not Donald Goofy or Mickey. Ansem and his rrsearchers wouldve been on DI (and in fact, Ansem himself was on DI in DDD now that I think about it) if they werent busy scanning stuff.
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    The State of KH Series: DISNEY/Square Enix/Original Characters

    Gotta kill off Team Destiny and write new OCs imo. Time to treat KH like Final Fantasy, using the Keyblade and "Worlds" just like Espers and Magick. The problem with KH narratively is that we have this extremely weird mismatch of time periods and characters that have nothing to do with each...
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    Does anyone else feel this way? (Fun discussion)

    The problem is so layered im not even sure where to begin. 1) we have no reason to believe the foretellers or MoM are actually evil 2) Sora and co dont even know who tf they are, and they definitely dont scale to their level 3) their "stories" really lack thereof will be told across a...
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    Seth Kearsley reveals Kingdom Hearts Animated Series Pilot Animatic

    Broooo I just finished watching this and it legit gave me 2002 Saturday Morning Cartoon vibes. In retrospect Its such a fkn shame Disney didn't pick this up.
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    Disney villains for a saga? (Fun discussion)

    Disney hates fun things. Only the most squeaky clean of portrayals can be done. *gestures to everything after KH1
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    We need some marketing hype or something cmon. Give us a teaser page or some trailers or smth. All signs pointing to this being a mobileshit gacha rn and I really REALLY dont want that to be the case.
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    Regarding the Voice Actor Switch for Kairi...

    Im glad Hayden left the kh games esp with kh3 and mom rawdogging kairi and not givibg her an actual role. To waste good talent like that would be despicable tbh. That being said The stoner alyson did a great job differentiating xion fdom kairj Nd i think even tho she ks ob disney payroll that...
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    I thought I have an itch for KH and I want to scratch it now. But then I look, and in just two weeks we're getting XC3 DLC and SO6 comes out, two more weeks CoD MW2 comes out, a week after that GoW5 comes out, and then I realize I don't actually care about KH anymore.
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    Hopefully not. Ff7fs and apex mobile already have controller input. No reason they cant implement it for the first (seemingly) genuine KH game for mobile devices. They probably WONT because se mismanagement, but they absolutely could
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    Its just gonna be a sequelbait as usual. Stop hoping for thw stoey to be told well or for the filler to not come. It's going to be the same quality as X/UX. What matters is the gameplay.
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    Dark Road ► Dark Road Finale Megathread

    I thought DR would upstage XC3 but no, it didn't. I don't feel bad for Xehanort, I don't have any empathy or sympathy for him unlike I did for my boy N. The difference between them is the writing, timing, and the callousness Xehanort always had versus N's once being an upstanding member of...
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    Dark Road final update releases on August 26

    Just finished watching and oh BOY was that both underwhelming and overwhelming. Spoilahs ahead. Additionally, telling this backstory of Xehanort in a fkn chibi game is a cardinal sin. I can't take KH seriously because of these obtuse and alien methods of writing.
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    Dark Road final update releases on August 26

    Habbening any moment guys. Just wanted to say before it drops and I wake up to the shitstorm of new info and chibi artwork, that Xehanort did NOTHING wrong and his only miscalculation was that he was being Madara'd the entire time. Because as we know, Luxu and MoM both made sure that MX would be...
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    Dark Road final update releases on August 26

    Three more days fellas. We are getting closer and closer to see what made the boy become a man, and the man turn into a tyrant. Lets hope it can beat Xenoblade 3's N in tragedy!