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    Hottest guys in KH2

    Ok, this thread is to vote for the hottest guy in KH2,of course. So go ahead and vote! I personally think almost all are hot.
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    this is really frustrating me

    Isn't that the candy machine one?
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    I NEED TO KNOW SOMETHING!(may contain spoilers)

    Hey guys! I really need to know for anyone who has beaten Kingdom Hearts 2, what exactly do you miss out on if you don't complete the mini game missions to see the ENTIRE ending? Do you miss a huge chunk of the ending, or a little part or only the secret ending part? I NEED TO KNOW!! Also, can't...
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    When are they going to realsease a kh2 commercial?

    I've seen the commercial on the web just go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA1xyAwSXmY&search=KH2%20voice%20actor%20interviews it's kinda crappy cuz the person video recorded their computer screen >.< and Sanctuary sounded weird to me but I'll get used to it.I hope...
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    David Gallagher Interview

    Yes,I agree with Dark Essence
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    Who should voice axel

    The guy who did Seymour in FFX *gets shot*
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    Kh2 ending(THIS HAS NO SPOILERS)

    Thanks SanctuaryKeeper.
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    Kh2 ending(THIS HAS NO SPOILERS)

    I was wondering if anybody wanted to guess what's going to take place in the ending of Kingdom Hearts 2.This thread was kinda made for fun and I was bored so...just make some suggestions about..maybe what you wanna see in the ending,etc.Thanks!
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    kh2 world thread

    I wanna go to The Lion King...Disney Castle..Twighlight town and beasts castle....those are my like..top 4...but I want to go to all of them, really.
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    Atlantica Musica?

    I agree here.Atlantica wasn't all that bad.But one thing that annoyed me was definetly attacking.It was complicated to do that when you have to struggle between enemies and junk like that...but overall it wasn't as horrible as people made it.
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    KH2 Boss Battles

    Yea what Darkside said....but thanks for taking the time to post!!
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 OST Cover

    I thought what savagekey said was funny. It made me giggle. But yeah...it was spamming..and I suppose I'm spamming now,too. Heh.sorry... *puppy face*
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    Castle Oblivion...Castle Oathkeeper?

    I just have to say this....I love your Kairi sig,ttravenfan1! It rocks.
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    About to Crack? C:

    You guys, I feel soooooo guilty like.....I always tell myself, "Oh it's being released in March,that's not too long". Then the next minute "Why??? Why are they making us wait". I watched the opening movie,and I regret it....And I've seen little pictures of the ending and I regret that soooo...
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    G4 promo

    Yeah,I saw it! It was awesome! The graphics looked more bold and solid than the first and the battles and cutscenes looked amazing...unfortunetly...it was only about.... maybe....20 SECONDS long.
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    The Beginning of KH2

    I've heard he goes to Yensids place (blah blah blah) with his normal clothes or whatever then changes.I heard it somewhere on www.kh2.co.uk
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    read this its big and long and Good

    Japan is soooo lucky
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    KH2 ESRB Rating

    think what u want Siru...to me it sounds like you saying kingdom hearts is too childish for you
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    Yna, Riku and Paine

    yea the kh style of ff is awsum!!! ^_^ i didn't see them good does someone have a better pic?
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    Double Sided Hollow Bastion?

    The door in disney castle leads to the steam boat willy world