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  1. Edmunds

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    I went ahead and added this line to the CSS, thanks!
  2. Edmunds

    New Forum Software

    I've fixed this, was a little coding error on my part, thank you for notifying me of it.
  3. Edmunds

    New Forum Software

    Its an incentive for people to register and log in. Because only registered and logged in users can post. And yeah, that ad has been there since forever, just not on mobile.
  4. Edmunds

    New Forum Software

    Whoa, I was actually doing the exact same thing THIS MINUTE o_O
  5. Edmunds

    New Forum Software

    Welcome to the new forum! Your first date with the new software may feel weird at first - but trust me, use it for a while, and there is no going back. That old vBulletin was first released in 2009, and it showed. One question some people might have - are the awards coming back? Yes, they are...