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    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    I had my friend over when we were like 12 or 13 back in 2003 or 2004 and he brought over this game, Kingdom Hearts. I never really heard of it, but we played it for a while and he decided he didn't like it so I asked if I could borrow it for a while and beat it. I got to the final world against...
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    Old BbS Scan Translated to English

    At first I thought, no this is old news. After I read that article I found out it is a good idea because there was some interesting and useful info in it.
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    KH2 FM better or worse?

    I think it is worse because it did not have English subs... Lol jk, I haven't even played it so I'm not even gonna vote even though it looks better except for the one reason I already said.
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    Do you mean where you can actually play and fight them or do you mean the cut scenes?
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    Can anyone tell me what's up with this?

    Yeah thats all right, its like America's greatest hits for PS2. Also what I don't get is why the "Best" version is cheaper.
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    Favorite Kingdom Hearts 1 Keyblade

    Oathkeeper, then Ultama or KK (cant find which one I like more) then metal chocobo.
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    Mysterious Keyblade

    Yep, Heart unlocker/ no official name. Probably doesn't matter though because it was only in that little bit of KH1. Also it wasn't the 7 princesses hearts (just to make sure everybody remembered), it was only 6 of their hearts (kairi's heart was in Sora).
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    KH II: Final Mix Summary

    For one try not to double post, use the edit button! Also Terra is an optional boss in KH2FM+ so he appears once and you are right about the other two. Oh and the fight against Terra isn't canon so he could still be dead or something or somewhere else or whatever. Last, we have no idea what...
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    i need help on trons boss!!!!

    Tron probably just died while in you party so get him back, then you can do it.
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    way to the dawn

    His Soul eater weapon changed into it sometime between Mulan world and TWTNW. I think it was when he truly accepted the darkness but stayed with the light... IDK, could be I guess.
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    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    I'm pretty sure that the second keyblade you use isn't cannon or it is just Roxas back inside you (Maybe has to do with Ven somehow).
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    Help Needed ...

    ^ You mean sunset hill? Well, you could be missing the one on the roof with the Orichalcum+ in it. Just look around that area and you can probably find it, It also could be in the underground tunnel by sunset hill, you know the tunnel where you fight the many Vivi copy things.
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    Truth Behind the Cloaks

    I know I have seen this video but I just can't seem to find it, I give up now.
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    'An old friend'

    Yeah, it is Xemnas; no doubt about it. You can kinda tell just by looking at him.
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    Is this possible???

    Yeah they just showed scenes from FM+ then used a cheat to actually be able to do it. It even says that it is a hacked fight, look at the about this video and it says...
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    roxas elements?

    His two main Keyblades are oblivion and oathkeeper which is dark and light which you can guess is twilight.
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    Ansem aint the only heartless to...

    The thing about Scar is that he isn't human, he's a lion (if you didn't notice). Well thats all I got.
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    NEW BBS NEWS!!!!

    Yeah I read this the day before yesterday, nothing new except to get peoples hopes up for an 08 release. I hope it does come out in 08 but probably not gonna happen. Also PSM is now the official playstation magazine so the info has to be true unless Nomura is lieing to Sony.
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    You beat KH2 with just the kingdom key;no drive forms through the whole game

    I did the same thing once... Don't remember what level I was or if I even beat Sephiroth. After I beat it I used drives like crazy though because I love to be able to glide and stuff.
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    where is kh fm

    That is true, FM will not leave Japan. I guess you will just have to import it if you want it and its been out a year in japan so its been out a while.