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  1. Z

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    LOL at that. btw, he´s saying "Olive juice" :3 You dare question Pluto?!?! I kill you!! My biggest wtf moment is definitely when I first heard Xemnas speak. I thought it was Don LaFontaine, the Voice Announcer guy from all the Action Movie Trailers lol
  2. Z

    PS2 Easy Modding Guide

    Step Six - Tricking your PS2 This step is where you finally use your copy of Swap Magic. If you are going to play KH2FM+ then use your DVD Loader version of Swap Magic. Some older games have a CD format but its fairly rare. Game Discs usually say what type of format they are so you shouldnt have...
  3. Z

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    o_o woah there. That´s a little bit disturbing lol
  4. Z

    Xehanorts Heartless In BBS???

    lol epic win. I must say that you(OmniChaos), Grace Assassin, and Infinity are probably the funniest people in this entire forum. EDIT: On topic though, I´m not saying that Ansem SoD IS reflected in the ball but I don´t think the angle would be right to reflect MX. Becuase I definitely see a...
  5. Z

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    lol, also very true. I think Sora seems a lot dumber in KH2 though. Damn Nojima -__-
  6. Z

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    lol, quite true. But we all know that we love Goofy´s idiocy too much for him to be killed off lol. (funny part is though, most of the time he seems a lot smarter than Sora lol)
  7. Z

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    lol, did you want him to?
  8. Z

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    - When I saw Pete as a lion. I loled so hard. - When Sora and Riku have their ´moment´ and Sora puts his hand right on Kairi´s face - When I first turned into Anti-form, then loled at the ass wooping I gave the boss I was on. - Atlantica -__- ugh. - When Xigbar says, "As if" lol
  9. Z

    MX´s Keyblade

    Cool, at least in these you can see full 3D and different angles. btw, is it me or does MX´s keyblade have a keychain? I thought all the people´s keyblades from BBS don´t have keychains? You can see it in the last pic you put up
  10. Z

    MX´s Keyblade

    WOAH. awesome! That looks totally badass :P I´m putting that in my sig lol
  11. Z

    MX´s Keyblade

    Well, if you could put those up I´d really appreciate it. If not, thanks anyway.
  12. Z

    MX´s Keyblade

    Hey everybody, Does anyone have a ´schematic´ type picture of MX´s keyblade? Kinda like there is for Dark Soldier´s. I´m really curious to see what the thing actually looks like since you don´t really get a good look at it in the KH2FM+ Video. Thanks in advance, Zeff
  13. Z

    Who's The Best of The BBS Trinity?

    lol, chill out, we just wanted to see what the actual results would be. :57:
  14. Z

    Saïx Question

    Well, I was wondering, what weapon exactly does Saïx wield? I´ve never seens anything like it before and to me all it resembles is a big staff with spikes at the top lol. Anyone know?
  15. Z

    Final Mix: Luxord Help

    Hey everyone, I´m in TWTNW and I´m kinda stuck on Luxord. I start, he turns me into a dice, does the card curse that surrounds me and kills me. Anyone got any good strategies? Cus it seems impossible with that stupid card curse (you cant escape it) Incase it matters, I´m playing on...
  16. Z

    Who's The Best of The BBS Trinity?

    Tie between Ven and Aqua. Terra´s too cliche :P
  17. Z

    Axel & Roxas - Nobodies with hearts?

    Well, I know that nobodies aren´t supposed to have hearts but I think that there really could be some exceptions. There´s a scene in KH2FM+ after you defeat Roxas in TWTNW where Axel and Roxas are sitting at the top of the Station Tower in TT talking about when they first met (the subject of...
  18. Z

    Final Mix: Goddess of Fate Problem

    Hey, I´m having trouble unlocking the Goddess of Fate Cup in the underworld in Final Mix+. I´m already at level 60 and it should have opened by the mid-50´s :/ Anyone know what the problem is? I´m trying to get all the Orichalcum+ in the game and can´t do it without that Cup. Thanks in...
  19. Z

    bbs animals forms

    lol, someone was bound to say that. But definitely agreed :P
  20. Z

    KH2FM+ Save the King/Queen+

    I´ve never been able to take advantage of those. Can you tell me what you´re supposed to do so that they don´t disappear as soon as you enter the room? EDIT: I think we all wanted an Ultima Weapon + EDIT: nevermind the bulky vendor thing. i figured it out