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    [SPOILER] Question/Possible Theory about Unknown

    Im thinking the Unknown has to do with Riku. I mean they show him right next to Vanitas, who bears the face of Sora, all while in a game where the 2 characters you play with are Sora and Riku. Or maybe im just trying to make significance out of nothing.
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    [SPOILERS] Is Isa Related To 3D's Young Xehanort?

    Re: Is Isa Related To 3D's Young Xehanort? I wouldn't be surprised if there is more to Isa than we know. Im kind of expecting it. We see that Lea and Isa are close in bbs, and we know Axel is pretty much more important than most of the other members, so leaving Saix behind (In a sense of...
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    I would expect the most logical thing for SE to do is to use the engine used in FF XII Versus for KH3. They did say the battle system is similar, so maybe they would make subtle changes to suit KH. I would think the graphics would be meeting expectations and also leave room for cgi cutscenes...
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    The "Key of Sleep", Dream Eaters, and the Possibility of DDD's Plot/Ending.

    the shocking ending will be another star wars reference. Xehanort - "Kairi, IM your Father" lol
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    I bet BbSv2 will be at E3

    none taken :smile:, well sony just announced that theyre re releasing psp games on ps3 in hd sooo therefore backs up my theory. check ign they have the details but im sure its on the forums already
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    I bet BbSv2 will be at E3

    i wouldnt be surprised if bbsv2 was a ps3 game because he did say he was thinking about an hd remake or something along those lines. bbsv2 as a ps3 game that would recap everything would set the stage perfectly for kh3
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    I bet BbSv2 will be at E3

    it even makes more sense when you think about the bbsfm ending where everything rewinds - symbolizing that bbsv2 will recap from beginning to end
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    well they didnt have the keyblade let alone know about it at that time
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    yea after thinking about it, my suggestion would mean that aquas been walking around for years since that door wasnt open till kh1, but you never know. only time will tell. So does that mean that there were no heartless in bbs (been a while since i played that too)
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    you know how some of you think that the burst of darkness came from radient garden? wouldnt it make more sense for it to be from the opening of the door in destiny islands because they've been saying how destiny islands has been connected to the darkeness aka RoD. Also (im not sure of this...