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  1. bric13

    Scan of KH 3D on Famitsu weekly (translations in OP)

    i just noticed we didn't get a world render like we did for BBS (like this... http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091118061802/kingdomhearts/images/9/9c/Enchanted_Dominion_KHBBS.png) so hopefully they will appear in future DDD Articles.
  2. bric13

    Scan of KH 3D on Famitsu weekly (translations in OP)

    sounds good, thanks for the help.
  3. bric13

    Scan of KH 3D on Famitsu weekly (translations in OP)

    okay. that was very helpful, another question, like when birth by sleep worlds were being announced the entire scan was pictured not bits in peices, what i mean are ones such as this (Kingdom hearts birth by sleep castle of dreams famitsu articles image by siang1227 on Photobucket) Will...
  4. bric13

    Scan of KH 3D on Famitsu weekly (translations in OP)

    quick question and comment, how often does it usually take from the time of personal upload of the scans to the time of the full HQ scans of famitsu to come out? and def. pumped for the reaveled new worlds and gaming info that has been translated, cnt wait til' jump festa!
  5. bric13

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    but def an awesome trailer!
  6. bric13

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    how do we know there is going to be a part two, to the secret ending? sorry just a little confused.
  7. bric13


    does anyone have any clue as to where i could find high quality character renders from the game kingdom hearts birth by sleep? multiple links can and will be appriciated.
  8. bric13

    [bbs] BBS SITE UPDATE!

    the birth by sleep website updated world, movie and system!!!! KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep
  9. bric13

    Castle of Dreams Battle Music Preview

    yea, it aint working, but if it was as good as your previous one, props to you.
  10. bric13


    ok so still new and not sure if this has been said before but is it possible that the somebodies of the organization members been met or seen by sora and the gang since sora and roxas both existed at the same time? your thoughts.
  11. bric13

    Terra and Xemnas

    ok just joined this site and dont know if this has been said before but here it goes. ok so is it possible that xemnas and terra could be linked because of their "friend"? i was just watching a video and it talked about xemnas tlking to aquas armor and called it his friend and how terra was...
  12. bric13

    Huge Unversed defeated by Terra??

    ok so in that video at 0:19 below the Japanese text it says ansem report 8 so i read on it and it talked about how he created a machine that made artificial heartless idk if that had anything to do with anything but was curious and wondering about anyone elses thoughts.