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    does BHK have a crush/girlfriend?

    Can't wait till KH2 so we can all truly know the answer! :D
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    What do you guys think about King Mickey Being evil?

    That would be really weird that Disnet let Mickey be evil and such! :D But, it could happen!
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    is sora cool or what?

    Yes... Sora is really cool! LOL! I like his outfit in KH2 better though! Don't know why! Rikku is cool too, though it's hard to believe that his voice is David Gallagher, who plays Simon on 7th Heaven. But that's just my opinion! ^__^ If you don't agree, it's okay! LOL! :D
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    kh2 poster

    I don't see the thing that you're talking about...oh well! :/
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    what would you do if they suddenly cancelled KH2

    If they cancel KH2 then I'll die. It's that simple! :D LOL! Yeah! I'll probably go crazy for a year, then get sent to a mental hospital, then when I get out of the mental hospital(that is if) I'll march over to Japan and demanded a copy of one! I don't care if it's in Japanese!