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    Blade:The war has began

    Ok the idea for this rp is what drake said at the end of blade trinity. which is that blade will one day lead the vampires. well that has happened and Blade's aprentice plus other have joined forces to stop Blade Name:Shadow Appearence: Has short brown hiar, wears black under armor adn has...
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    Blade: The war th gods

    ok, this is a blade rp. You can be human, vampire, or anything in between. Name age appearence weapons side race bio this things above are all u need to start No godmoding u can kill a human and drink blood or have a drug like blade no werewolf/vampire mix like in underworld SO the story...
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    The singularity

    The story is that every million years the planets align, and mysterious portals known as singularities are releasing ancient beasts to once again walk the earth. The only way to seal the portals is to capture the beasts and send them back to were they came. Each character must have a summon and...