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    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Thankfully, I just beat all the special portals with sora/riku and got the end of pain for both. I followed both Master Spockanort's advice and Kreynor's advice. In my case, I believe the problem was I beat a special portal as sora in TWTNW, and it said I beat it as riku in the journal. So I...
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    Sadly after beating the game on critical now. I'm sure the glitch has affected me now. In TWTNW, I thought I beat a portal with sora, but I checked it later on and couldn't remember, but now oddly, according to the forecast, both sora and riku both list a portal as being done. So gutted about...
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    I dont think theres that many really though. The portal glitch is definately the most annoying glitch as it can interfere with progress in the game, boss/flowmotion glitches seem much rarer and less harmful though. I do see what you mean about glitches for KH in general though. This game was...
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    I dont think I've had this problem as severe as other people have, but I'm still hoping I dont get these problems on this save. I realise I had these problems on my first save, then when I made a new save on critical after beating the game, I guess it may be caused mementos. I'm not entirely...
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    Ah, you could just be right with that analysis! I just got the end entry in monstro's world, and I do recall looking at some cutscenes previously. Thankfully I saved before I did this, so think I am safe again now. No end entry and I dont believe I've had any messed up portals yet. Hoping square...
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    Really not sure to be honest. All I know is that on the first game, I remember noticing "End" showing up on dive mode records and later on in the game I experienced link portals messing up. Its possible they're both linked, but not entirely sure for now.
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    Thanks for making this known! I actually encountered this too, but I just thought I was confused at first. I also had the same problem with "End" showing up on my dive at the the beginning also in my first playthrough. On my first playthrough I beat a special portal with sora, then after I...
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    New NA/EU Boss

    Some things wrong with those theories though... Also, Can someone answer this question, just out of curosity...
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    New NA/EU Boss

    OK, I think I'll offer my opinion/s on this... My first opinion, is that this may be MX sentiment, I just want to add, I like the idea of Master Eraqus sentiment, I can imagine the character lifting his hood and seeing his face, but the blades baffle me, as if you read my theory about his...
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    How come Terra and Lingering Sentiment take a differnet keyblade?

    You could be right with that. I might have found out whats the difference and why! In his armor form, he has the old keyblade, in his normal form, he has the new one... Perhaps being in their armor form changes their keyblade for some reason. Gonna check if theres any differences of aquas and...
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    Theory about secret ending teasing next game (Possible Spoilers)

    Hi all and happy new year! (and happy roughly week away from JPN Birth by sleep!) Anyway, for those who didnt know, its been confirmed that they'll be a secret ending on birth by sleep that will connect 358/2, coded and birth by sleep together and tease a new game. POSSIBLE SPOILER HERE Well...
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    KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [DEADLINE JAN 9TH] Well, I guess they are in a way. Just not called axel or zexion, Lea and Ienzo instead. If you mean main characters then, I guess they're not main really. Just known from previous KH games on a certain planet.
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    think King Mickey should be playable in BbS??

    I hate mickey. He just copies soras cool clothes and we're expected to think hes just as good as sora. No way! I liked him better in KH1, just a black shadow of him.
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    Kingdom Hearts After Birth By Sleep Multi-platform?

    If you didnt hear, after completing certain tasks in birth by sleep, (Similar to kingdom hearts 2, by completing it on proud mode unlocks a trailer for birth by sleep or completing jiminny's journal 100%), you will see a trailer for the next game! It wasnt confirmed whether it was Kingdom Hearts...