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    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Re: Who's pre-ordered so far? I fully paid for mine when I preordered it yesterday.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Aftermath

    I hope that you'll make some pieces about Aros' backstory fall into place in the next few chapters.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Aftermath

    It's really starting to pick up. I'll be waiting for future updates.
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    ShotLock thoughts and other.

    I like the D-Links, much better than summons seeing as how I hated using summons.
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    Birth By Sleep Protaganist Choices- No spoilers!

    I'll be playing in the order of Ven, Terra, Aqua. No real reasoning behind it, just what I want to do.
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    Youtube Hoaxer! Don't be fooled!

    Anyone should be able to know straight away that it would be fake. Now if it were only a few days before the release date, and didn't have the Japanese information bar and battle voices, I might would be convinced.
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    GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Revealed!

    I say to just be glad that SE even gives you something, but I do agree that an art book would be a nice collectible.
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    GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Revealed!

    I just don't see what the big deal is. Most of us would preorder the game anyway, so what's wrong with getting a little something extra even if it just decals for your PSP? I mean look, Japan got the bundle pack because that is the series' country of origin, so this is just their way of being...
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    GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Revealed!

    Sure it could be a little more, but my PSP is a tad bit boring and plain and could use a bit of something extra on it. I personally am glad that you at least get something, and who knows, it could be one of those games that end up including more than what's first announced even though I highly...
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    UK Gets BBS Special Edition

    I really hope that North America gets something like this, but at least the UK got lucky with this. I would like to know what sort of extras come with it.