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    About Ultimania....(Update3)+cover+new details

    Re: About Ultimania....(Update) It gives an all around look at not just the game guide, but also usually has concept art and information not given anywhere else. There is usually some clarifications made as well as new information. Sadly, they usually have to be translated for an american or...
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: VA Discussion Thread Didn't Epcar say they didn't give him direction to sound like Zane? I was wondering if I heard that correctly.
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: VA Discussion Thread I could almsot see Steve Blum as Master Eraqus. He does that growl really well, and can sound older easily. Wouldn't it be a fun thing if Epcar voiced Eraqus?
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    Why exactly is KHIFM so underrated?

    The FM for KH1 came out before KH2...I recall reading about the changes like the cure ability not causing you to stop to cast it, and the boss fight with Xemnas far before KH2 came out.
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    Difficulty of the Game

    The game was pretty easy...I didn't see any real challenge, the fights tat took time just took more strategy than anything else.
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    Who's or what's the other replica

    It's obviously Mickey. I mean... it's ONLY obvious!... ...so yeah it was the Riku Replica, as others have already said.
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    Is Org XIII really THAT bad?

    No, it's not wrong, but it can be assumed that there reasonings for it may not be the greatest. if they were just people trying to become whole and didn't do bad things in order to do it, it'd be a very different group. The Organization members do not feal remorse, (save possibly for Roxas and...
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    Your favourite 'Kairi'?

    I rather enjoyed Xion's story...even though it was even more depressing than Roxas' own story. It goes from 'you're not supposed to exist' to 'yeah, see that guy who isn't supposed to exist? yeah, you're supposed to exist even less than he is. Have fun with that.'
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    Return of the Invisible

    I didn't try that I was just sorta like "...Well, that was fun...um...time to RTC I guess..."
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    Changing the Days Voice Actors

    I thought they all were fine, although it was like nobody was given notes on how to pronounce Xion... Axel and Roxas pronounced it totally different ways.
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    Return of the Invisible

    I started laughing as I fought the first invisible... when it'd do it's invisible attack with the sword flying about, I noticed it disappeared at one point...and I stopped getting attacked. "I looked around and found the sword had gotten stuck in one of the pillars near the edge of the ball...
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    This should be in the spoiler section.
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    Happy with Xion? *spoilers*

    Xion's story was an interesting idea. Thew writers needed to tell Roxas' story, while already haveing an ending and a beginning, they just had to fill in the gaps. the decided instead to flesh out the story and introduce a new character to make things more interesting. Many question came up ...
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    'Ello, Poppet

    It was foreshadow, he called her poppet as a joke, making fun of her almost. Oh, and Elizabeth swan could be seen as a puppet, they WERE using her in the first movie. it's a cute name to give to a girl, it's old fashioned.
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    Is Org XIII really THAT bad?

    Re: Is Org XIII really that BAD? Saiz is the one that surprised me the most. In KH2 I got the impression he was Xemnas' lap dog, but after Days he gave me a new impression. Especially when he was tlaking to Axel about not knowing Xemnas' true goal, and what other things xemnas may not be...
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    Everyone else's Somebody names?

    Very interesting theories. I like them all.
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    I STILL don't understand some things.

    Did they ever really go to the beach? I know Xion had mentioned going, hence the sea shells, but did Roxas go?
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    org. #1

    I think he likes to square dance. Get it SQUARE dance? Gosh, I'm so friggen hilarious. </lame joke>
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    Everyone else's Somebody names?

    No. I. As I've said before, I'm asuming it's 'Number i' aka the imaginary number from math. It fits the context of the game, and she is, quite literally, an imaginary organization member. Not really one of them, and never having been officially added to their numbers.
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    [SPOILERS] An Overdone Thread!?!?!

    Re: ???Xion looks like Ven??? "may contain spoilers" Thanks, I looked at the name and thought it was the wrong one. it's the 'Xi' start that threw me off. I meant Xigbar, thank you for the correction.