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    Theremin Hero- Guy uses Theremin to play "Still Alive" Expert Vocals in Rock Band

    OybiXxxkQG8 So some gentlemen decided to set up his Theremin next to his rock band mic, and then played Still Alive on expert
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    Media Conversion

    If you are having problems putting video on your PSP/Phone/iPod, try one of these programs, your video probably needs to be converted to .mp4 Media Converter - the fastest free online audio and video converter iSquint - iPod Video Made Easy. Videora iPod Converter - Free iPod Video Converter...
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    [Team Fortress 2] Heavy Update!

    Looks like the heavy is the next class to be updated! The official heavy page, which was just launched, can be found at Team Fortress 2 - A Heavy Update
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    Help/Support ► I Need Your Advice/Input

    Your mother had you at age 13?
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    Blaq 2 having trouble with long character titles?

    Recently in Blaq 2, I've noticed that if you have a really long usertitle or name, the border doesn't stretch properly. For example, "Webdings" username,
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    Eternal Sonata PS3 Screens

    Looks pretty good. I don't think I'll buy it unless someone can tell me more about it. Japanese version is due in september, No mention of American/PAL dates.
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    Help/Support ► Well, my dad sucks...

    Make sure when this happens, you tell your father first so he knows he's screwed.
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    Bioshock PS3 CONFIRMED! Possible Graphic Upgrade

    the everlasting rumor about last year's Xbox 360 hit BioShock popping up on the PS3 turns out to be true. According to the July issue of EGM, publisher 2K Games has confirmed that the underwater shooter is making the transition to Sony's shores. Still don't believe us? Well, if you catch...
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    Rock Band Versus Guitar Hero III

    The Battle of the Bands is at hand. Rock Band versus GH3. Give your thoughts. FACTS: Rock Band is developed by Harmonix, Who made Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero 2
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    World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

    Leaked Alpha Info? * Death Knights are playable, although the starting quests and talents are not complete. * Spells and Talents past 70 are available for the Druid, Mage, Priest, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior classes * You can head to Northrend via Menethil Harbor and Theramore for...
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    Hands-On with final MGS4 build!

    Arriving in a battlefield that was very reminiscent of the Midtown Maelstrom map from the recent Metal Gear Online beta, we were thrust straight into sneaking, were armed with only a stun knife. We found ourselves all-too-close to an intense shootout between local militia and a private military...
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    Kojima NOT dissapointed in MGS4, Graphics "Revolutionary"

    Hideo Kojima: Americans Brag, PS3 No Letdown, Kotaku is Wrong http://www.konami.jp/kojima_pro/radio/urahide_001.mp3
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    7 Year old with BRAIN CANCER's PSP was stolen en route to Chemo treatment

    What is the world coming to? This next story of PSP theft is a true tearjerker. Kyle Springs, a seven year old cancer patient on his way to a chemotherapy appointment in Dallas gets his PSP stolen. Not only that, but his school homework, medicine, and medical records were also taken. Worst of...
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    Official [Insert Game Here] Thread directory

    So, I don't blame some of you for being new, but I'm sorry to tell you that "HAY LETS DISCUSS [insert game] thread has already been made. It just causes spam and makes the mods, Mostly Ryan, angry because it gives them more work to do. So in this thread, I am going to post as many "Official...
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    Nintendo DS Lite "Compact" [Mockup] [Rumor]

    YouTube - DS Lite Compact Meh, looks pretty retarded, but it has everything all the other rumors talked about 1-2 Gigs storage New UI (Similar to Wiis?) Multimedia Card storage No GBA slot Wiiware support
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    To find out- Calling V_A out *Open Practice*

    Time and place have been set, you may make the first post
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    Microsoft Pwns LIVE Gamerscore cheaters

    Gamerscore Correction I wanted to follow up and let you know where we are on the post I made a few months ago on Gamesave Tampering. Today we took action on some of the accounts we have identified as the most serious offenders who have violated the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use by tampering with their...
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    Blue Dragon

    So, watching CN and saw a commercial for a new anime based of Blue Dragon for the X360. According to Wikipedia, it's scheduled to run 51 episodes for season 1, season 2 to air in japan soon with no announcement of US release. Blue Dragon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ---------------- Now...