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    Official Program List

    This thread will show a list of different programs to help your computer or whatever. These programs might make your computer faster, better, and safer. Lets begin the list. =] Color Chart: Posted by Kyo Posted by Azurith Posted by User Posted by TheMidnight Posted by Mod/Demi Admin. (Mods or...
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    Jaramaya was a Bullfrog

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=wft5EZO9vZM Pointless...but yeah. Discuss...
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    Favorite Fast Food Restaurant.

    My favorite is Panda Express. The food there is healthy. Its a balance meal.
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    McAfee software flaw found

    "Consumer versions of McAfee's leading software for securing PCs are susceptible to a flaw that can expose passwords and other sensitive information stored on personal computers, the company says. A McAfee spokeswoman, Siobhan MacDermott, confirmed the vulnerability Monday and said that...
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    Your favourite CoM Organization member?

    My favorite CoM Organization member would be Axel. Hes the kind of person I would enjoy to watch. Plus fighting him in the game was fun :].
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    Internet Connection War

    So yeah, Satellite is alright, but during windy or stormy days, it goes bad. Dial up is probably the worst internet connection you can get v_v. You probably can only download like what 5kb/s? I like DSL for a long time untill I notice my speed kept going down for no reason plus paying a lot...
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    fina form video

    Cant wait to use that form once I get the game.
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    Hiya Peeps!

    Hi im new to the server.Err dont know what else to say but have fun?So hiya people :D.