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    Fruits Basket- The American Zodiac

    That's right! A fruits basket Rp by me! Cept this time, it focuses on another cursed family that moves next to the Sohma's! The Halcyon's! Are you cursed by a traditional animal or something far more unique... and dangerous? Tradtional Animals Cat Rat Boar Dog Tiger Dragon Horse Sheep Rooster...
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    Fanfiction ► Tribune Of Hearts (Kingdom Hearts II/Star Wars Crossover)

    I'm a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts 2 and Star Wars; Knights Of The Old Republic I and II. Takes place after the ending of Kotor II. Revan and Exile meet Sora and Co. Don't read if you don't want HUGE spoilers! The blade of the lightsaber hissed through the air as Jack Torusk, commonly known as...
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    The Twilight XIII Order (KH2 Spolierish)

    Takes place six months after Chain of Memories. Most of the original Org. Members were killed, and the darkness plotted its next decisive move. But from the darkness, a flicker of light shone, and the darkness met the light, and the light coexsisted for a brief while. They are incomplete beings...
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    Got mine today!!!!:D I seriously DID NOT expect it. I ran into my local EB just to price the guides, so I nabbed the LE one, and lo and behold there was KH2 the new release rack. Ahhh, its a beautiful day for a American Wisconsinite like me....:rolleyes:
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    Sora Kneeling To The Unknown *small spoliers*

    I've seen pieces of that shot here and there, and what the heck is Sora doing?! is that where the quote "Sora.... why?" comes in or what? :eek: P.S. Is Sora more mature in KHII then KH1? It seems that way, although I can't speak Japanse that well, it looks... well, angry a lot of the time...
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    The Hosptial (Original/Drama/Romance)

    A rather non fantasy RP I've come up with. Takes place in a hosptial, where life ends and begins. Miracles are performed and souls are forever changed. General, romance is encouraged... you can be either a doctor or a patient Template/Mine Name- Akito Williams Age- 18 Bio- Born to wealthy...
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    Night Of The Wolves(Supernatural/Romance/Drama)

    Turn of the Century Rome. After the death of Ceaser, the city became a chaotic hell of swords and political intrigue. But there are those who've learned to live amongst the humans- although their true form is a wolf. Good or evil, they reside. Rules - Up to two characters you can make - No...
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    My Kairi KH2 Tribute

    I have many fav things in my life.. here are a few of them 1. KINGDOM HEARTS!:D 2. Kairi Kairi Kairi! 3. Music Videos 4. Cool songs in Music Vidoes 5. Kairi in these videos Take all that, add it together and what do we get?= Your Music Video! I love it! I'm waiting for youtube to finish...
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    New Interview Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    Ahhhhhhhhh! *Fangirl scream of approval* This thread is the best! Its like when I found the March 28 one! Offical traielrs in English! The best VA I've heard yet!! I can so wait for KH2 now! Its coming!! Everyone, just a little bit longer...
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    PaSsIoN!! EnGLiSh VeRsIoN!!

    yeah but, remember how simple and clean was kinda... :eek: at first? Like the others said, maybe Sanctuary will be better in the full version and with better audio. At least it was reasonable translated. KH's Hikari > Simple and Clean?! KH2 Passion> Sanctuary I think KH2's better ;)
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    Final Fantasy IX: Melodies Of Life

    Its the most beautiful ending song I've ever heard in my entire life! It totally takes FFVIII's "Eyes On Me" and takes it to the curb, and kicks it all the way back to the drawing board!! I'm prepped to start a new IX game and go from beginning to end! If you love FF9 come and post here!! Fav...
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    Inuyasha- The Shikon War (Part I)

    [I]Takes place 50 years ago when Kikyo and Inuyasha first fell in love. The jewel has fallen into the hands of some evil youkai attempting to go to bring about a reign of darkness. There are those who are destined to save it, and return to its rightful guardian, those who want it for themselves...
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    Sohma Akito

    Okay, anyone else a Akito fan? I've recently gotten into Fruits Basket, and love Yuki, Kyo, Shigure, Tohru, but especially Akito Sohma! Then I did some googling and found out... Akito...is a woman! manga wise at least. So now I'm all like:D yay! Does anyone have a clear clue to what's...
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    Questions About the End [Spoilers}

    When Riku reverts to his true form, and takes off the blindfold at long last, and all the heartless start pouring in from outta nowhere, I hear three people brandish keyblades.
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    Highlander: The Quickening

    Okay, takes place during the Highlander series. Basically, you're a human immortal who can't die. You fight with swords against other immortals, trying to decapitate the other, to get the opponet's power. That's a quickening. Kill the guy, get the power. Try to stay alive long enough to be the...
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    Fruits Basket- The Sign Zodiac!!

    Takes place during the Fruits Basket anime. A group of 'Unknown' Zodiac are rivals of the Sohma Family. A new group of cursed kids that have a 'head' of their home as well. Its a clash between two familys older than time itself. They are the signs instead of the Chinese Zodiac! Each curse has...
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    Final Fantasy VIII: Aftermath

    Takes place four years after the original FF8. War is fullscale between Balamb and Galbadia now. The fighting and the death increases daily. SEEDs have been dispatched all over the world, but to no avail. The gang that brought down Edea is MIA, and terror is running rampart. Which side are you...
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    Journey To Paradise- Wolf's Rain RPG.

    Set during Hige, Toboe, Blue, Tsume, and Kiba's journey to find paradise. Obviously there are other wolves out there. Good or Bad? Your choice. The fact is that other groups can either find paradise or delay othes from seeking it. Canon Characters Kiba Blue Toboe Hige Tsume Cheza Template...
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    Fortune's Favor- Gensomaden Saiyuki

    Okay, you know the story. Sanzo and Co are still trying to defeat Gykoumen Koushu and Kou-ikku from the revivial. However, friends and enemies lay around every corner. Whose side are you on? Here the future allies and enemies gather.v Romances may lie in the present or in the past lives of...
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    Falco 3

    Ah, the rather interesting German singer I've recently started to like. After hearing Die Erste, Falco (The Doctors... I think, my German's not to good ^^') I rather like the oldish 80's feel to his lyrics. Anyone here from Germany? I'd love to have a chat. I find Falco's music interesting by...