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  1. Klom89

    Card Battle System Transition, KHI to Chain

    I think the problem for me was adjusting to the Zero and Enemy cards. Mostly the Zeroes. When I first began playing, I ended up only having two or three Zeroes in my deck. It was a matter of balancing damage and breaking cards. If you had too many, you couldn't fight very effectively, but if you...
  2. Klom89

    A Beginners Guide to Kingdom Hearts –HD 2.5 ReMIX–

    As far as I know, it'll be the Final Mix version.
  3. Klom89

    Necessary Death

    A simple challenge to anyone interested. :D One-on-one preferably, though i'm flexible. I'm thinking......A semi JRPG-like swords/magic setting? "A vengeful god has captured two high-profile fighters from two different lands, and plunged them into it's heinous Negative Dimension. The...
  4. Klom89

    Mech RP Interest Check

    For a while now, I've been piecing together a Roleplay that falls under the Sci-Fi/Mecha genre. I got the idea after watching the new Code Geass OVA: Akito the Exiled. At first, this RP would've had the Code Geass mantle. But, A Geass RP was pitched ages ago by yours truly, and it never got...
  5. Klom89

    Aternate Reality Scenario

    I have a concept swirling in my brain concerning an RP centered around multiple realities. It would sort of be like Chrono Trigger, only not having to do with time. For those of you scratching your heads, which would be all of you: The Multiverse Theory hypothesizes that there are an infinite...
  6. Klom89

    FFXIII-Based RP?

    After playing FFXIII for a while, I came to a realization. While the gameplay is...."eh," the story elements had the potential for something halfway decent. I figured, perhaps an AU? Not everybody would have to be the "on-the-run renegade" the L'Cie were. Not everybody would have to be L'Cie at...
  7. Klom89

    A year-half already?

    *Walks into party* Wow.....A year and a half since I've been gone; and this place has....changed. Kinda. Fancy new dreads, shiny graphics. Less modest with imagery. Seems I Transported from the U.S.S. College Debts at just the right time. More things change, the more they stay the same...
  8. Klom89

    Chuusei Sentai Kishiranger (RP Thread)

    "Are we in the planet's orbit?" "Yes, Mistress." Titania looked up from her throne, her right hand resting on her crystal ball while the other one clenched into a fist. This blue ball was about to get quite rowdy. These ignorant Humans....After being released from her seal, Titania knew what...
  9. Klom89

    Help/Support ► Packaging Problem

    I was afraid of that........ Thanks. :3
  10. Klom89

    Help/Support ► Packaging Problem

    A friend of mine (Privacy; will call him Erik) sent some prescription drugs to his mother in Ontario from a post office in Chicago. However, he forgot the proof of prescription along with them and now he's worried about being jailed. He has the proof of prescription, the doctor in question's...
  11. Klom89

    Is Days Really a Bad Game?

    Fire's the best for Serenades. The Burn damage adds up when your'e waiting a long time. Using Blizzard was like wearing a blindfold at a shooing gallery. It jut never wanted to work; ans when it did, it barely did anything. My guess is they were TRYING to make it more of a "strategic" spell due...
  12. Klom89

    Is Days Really a Bad Game?

    I found the Blizzard series to be the absolute worst spells in the game. Fire and Thunder were my staples, especially Thundaga, because it was overpowered, accurate 90% of the time; and there only about 4 enemies resistant to it. Jolt was a bonus. The story is mixed for me. Roxas's character...
  13. Klom89

    Help/Support ► Household Spider question

    LOL. I didn't get it on me, actually. (Killed it with the wheels of my rolly-chair) I was just curious for future reference. And I WISH I had Spider-powers. Would make going to my friend Vicki' house less of a trek. XD Looks like I was paranoid, then. Thanks, both of you! :D
  14. Klom89

    Help/Support ► Household Spider question

    http://pererik87.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/red-spider.jpg?w=300&h=187 The one I saw had much redder legs, but otherwise same color scheme. EDIT: http://dereila.ca/dereilaimages/RedSpider5.jpg This one also somewhat matches; and the description says this one's harmless. XD
  15. Klom89

    Help/Support ► Household Spider question

    There's something I need to clear up. The past 2 days, me and my father have killed two spiders in our house; both of them red. He says they MIGHT be poisonous. I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure? I don't know the name of it, but the best way of visually describing it is like looking at a...
  16. Klom89

    Chuusei no Sentai Kishiranger (Mediveal Squadron Knightranger) OOC/SIGN-UPS)

    CHUUSEI NO SENTAI KISHIRANGER A Klom89/Mistearea/Juggernaut6 Production (Inspired by Trunks) Before the Super Sentai, Knights protected the people under the flags of queens and kings; embarking on grand adventures and defeating the evils of old. An ancient species of dream-weavers called the...
  17. Klom89

    Super Sentai/Power Rangers RP?

    About a year and a half ago, a now-defunct user on the KHI named Trunks made a Canon RP called Power Rangers: The Killing Behind the Crimson Door. It was different from the norm (Which was primarily KH/[Insert Obscure Anime Title Here]) and while the turn-out was so-so, we all had big plans for...
  18. Klom89

    Code Geass: Crucifiction of Moralities

    ....Who would be born must destroy a world." - Herman Hesse Premise The war between Emperor Lelouch Lamperouge and the Black Knights. What once was an epic struggle for freedom is now relegated to history texts. The gentle rule of Empress Nunally and the Black Knights has long since...
  19. Klom89

    Wild Arms RP?

    The Wild Arms series could be seen as Red Dead Redemption with sprinkles of magic and sci-fi mixed into it. It basically revolves around a wasteland world called Filgaia. Drifters (Or Dream Chasers, if you prefer) go around performing odd-jobs, searching ancient ruins, and battling monsters in...
  20. Klom89

    Dot Hack RP?

    What do you all think about an RP set in either an AU, or after the .G.U. Series? So far, This is the best plot I can think up: "The year 2040. After twenty years, The Massively Multiplaer Game called World R:2 crashes. Everything gone. However, for some reason the game itself reboots...