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    bbs challenges

    882 to be exact :[ I would give up at that point.
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    Heartless Inspiration for Unbirth Bosses?

    Pointing out that you fought him several times, and they used the idea for the twilight thorn nobody in KH2
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    Heartless Inspiration for Unbirth Bosses?

    Nah its just Square, and TN running out of ideas, they recycle things ion their games a lot.
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    Need help on Re:CoM

    Two words man, Fire and Magic. lol but yeah, thats what i did, firaga over and over again, that and fire raid and everything.
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    After a thousand Xehanort theories....

    -gives applause- Wonderful theory, its the most balanced one i've read yet, it makes perfect snese, but who knows what Nomura will pull out of his ass XD.
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    The Pride Lands

    I thought it was ok, didnt really like how empty the areas were though. that left alot to be desired, especially the Sahara area.
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    Pluto does turn into a card in RE: CoM he is a summon card that appears, only in random boss battles, and he roams around the area digging up cards, HP orbs, Moogle points, ect. to help you with the boss fight.
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    Organization XIII coat

    The Organization 13 cloak, is NOT Leather. the leather cloaks look RETARDED, the fucking coat isnt supposed to be shiny, or plastic looking that makes it look like a rain coat -.- come on people, do the cloaks look leathery in the cutscenes? No, they dont. the only time they look leathery or...
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    lingering Sentiment...

    true, i mean the final mix games arn't the whole story, they are just additional games with more content that we didnt get that the square company makes to make more money, and to give us Kingdom Hearts obsessors something to drool over and spend our money on XD