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    Help/Support ► Got myself in some Deep Sh*t!

    Wow, Catholic School? Well, like everyone said, you should apologize. If punishment is to be administered by them, you could at least make it less severe. Just pray the girl's parents are as lenient as your principal. Wow, Catholic School, seriously!?
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    Help/Support ► khi help me become classy

    This! This! This! ................................................
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    Help/Support ► khi help me become classy

    My fashion is ABSOLUTE, ham it! *calms down* I know, but they match exquisitely with the style I was going for. They're sports shoes, technically, which I advised not to wear, but they are exceptions. Perhaps, I should have placed that in my first post... Wow, Edit: or look at what "RTP49"...
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    Help/Support ► khi help me become classy

    Stand back, bitches. It's the fashion guru coming through. Hmmm, let's see, I'd suggest for your type: A casual, yet sophisticated look. Try more button-downs with khaki/jeans. For your complexion and hair color, you might want to stay clear of bright colors. I'm not knocking lighter colors; I...
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    Help/Support ► Intense stomach/throat pain

    So, 'twas a stress ulcer? Those can be some of the worst. Well at least you'll recover from it.
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    Help/Support ► Intense stomach/throat pain

    Late but... Heartburn-GERD: Symptoms & Types
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    Something I drew with a pen...

    Well, what I have established about this is: 1. I could have made use of shadows... 2. And...some things (i.e. that bush in front of the cabin) could have been shaded better... Okay, what do you think?
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    What struck you as odd?..

    I know! I kept using Thundaga on him and he'd start just swinging and coming at me all fast, and then I'd get all hyped and scared and stuff...good times. Yeah, and I don't know, but anyone find it strange that Sora and the gang seem pretty darn prepared and ready to go on a long ass complex...
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    What kind of people do you attract?

    This isn't just like sexual attraction. It's like: (examples below) 1.) What kind of people find you interesting or whatever. 2.) Who likes to be around you. 3.) Weird behaviors they exhibit around you. For example: When taking public transportation to college, weirdos always stare at me...
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    Xion bluntly shown in KH2 - albeit retcon

    Oh my god, thank you for explaining retcon!!! So many people don't know what the hell it even is! "Nomura didn't think of "blah,blah, blah" when" blah, blah, blah!!", that's what retconning is!! A new concept comes up and could connect to something in a game or story from the past. Retconning's...
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    Help/Support ► V-Card

    I'm around your age. I, too, am still a virgin, among other things that have made me quite unpopular. It's especially annoying when the name-calling starts. I was even once deemed "queer", despite having any of the stereotypical characteristics. It's also annoying when pre-teens and little kids...
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    Am I the only one that though the the first had a terrible storyline?

    I agree (to a small extent) KH1 was okay when I was younger, but after a while, I started to realize how silly all of it was. I started to think, in sequels, that Sora would just wake up and it was all a dream (because of the predictability). The way his clothes appeared in KH1 contributed to...
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    Erase Me?

    So, basically, "erase me" wasn't a literal translation? It meant to kill or exterminate; not to delete (like in computer data)? ...or what?
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    Help/Support ► Hey Prom Goer's

    I'd just whip it out on her... ...a note, that is. She'd probably just be content if you just asked her or gave her a note (the note thing could possibly be lame or too cliché, depending on how it is executed). She could possibly even be impressed by your actions, as others often go to such...
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    Help/Support ► Learning a Language

    I'm all late and stuff... I'm half Italian, but I'm just learning it (lol). I just hung around a lot of Italian people and stuff, now I'm going to take the proficiency exam for the language. I also (along with taking courses) learned Spanish, French, Portuguese, Latin (afinity for Romance...
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    Sora's clothes

    Does anyone else find it funny that in KH2 the new outfit bestowed upon Sora by those three fairies from Sleeping Beauty resembled Ven's ? (and Roxas' does too...duh...) (Why did those fairies bestow THAT outfit on Sora...with those drive form abilities; many of which resembled play styles from...
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    Wow, considering their abilities...(with those "fake" Keyblades)...it sure does make "true" Keyblades seem pointless... On another note, I once mentioned before (in another thread) that I believe the Keyblades are sorta chaotic without Keychains; they are however, considered chaotic with...
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    Time Travel ...ooooo!

    I really don't give a damn about rep anymore or anything so flame away!!!!! M' kay, Xehanort's Heartless went through something at the end of Kh1 when he was "defeated at that door of light thingy (Kingdom Hearts)". Through the process, he may have somehow gone back in time and brought along...
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    New BBS Dwarves Gameplay

    I've been waiting to see something like this...
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    Maybe Terra used to be Xehanort's Apprentice?

    It does seem possible doesn't it? I mean, some of the things said in that footage would suggest a former apprenticeship.