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    X-men: Dark Phoenix rising

    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/219810 If you like X-men and have read the comics or saw the old cartoon you'll love this.
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    the world of off-line gaming

    This is funny you gotta see this http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5829962112288504909&q=offline+gaming
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    Fanfiction ► Gamers BIOs(more will come in time)

    Gamers series if you go in his profile you can look at the threads he made. If you see anything that says gamers that's it but just as a warning read Gamers vs JAck Thompson 1-3 first other words you wont get what's going on. I think with the bios the reson he didn't make it at first because he...
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    Fanfiction ► Gamers Valintines day

    It's not a real show it's a series Jin made up. This was pretty funny though.
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    weird video game cartoon thingy

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    King of Fighters 2004

    After the 2003 tournament Kyo Kasunagi was left with many qustions. Who was this Ash guy and what did he want with Iori. Now a new tournament has started and the sponser's ID is still unkown and theres a new twist. The fights are all one on one.. The worlds greatest fighters have been invited...
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    Magical Trevor

    You have to see this strange song http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/181469
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    Fanfiction ► Shadow the Hedgehog(parody!)

    Damn! This has been getting alot of views!
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    Fanfiction ► Shadow the Hedgehog(parody!)

    Nice! It's true that's the saddest part!
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    The Ultimate Showdown

    it's good cheak it out http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/285267
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    Fanfiction ► Gamers Christmas special

    sorry for the DP but please read and review this.
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    Fanfiction ► Gamers Christmas special

    HAHA! Nice! Frosty bursts into flames lmao
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    Chewbacca Silent night!

    http://christmaschebacca.ytmnd.com/ You know you wanna check it out.
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    Favorite music type in video

    so witch one is it?
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    Shadow the Hedgehog

    Oh yeah that's right for the people living under rocks this is a new game by Sega were you play as The Sonic series' collest character Shadow. You can decide if you want Shadow to be good or evil or even neither. There are a total of 15 ending you can get.
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    Fanfiction ► Gamers vs The Xbox 360 1 of 2

    lol It's true! They really are that bad!
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    Ninja:the path of honor

    This is set around the time of Nurato so you can be people for that series. During the era were people lived in Japan in small villages a warlord has appeared and begain raveging Japan with an army of ninja's samurai and Oni(japneese demon). Now a kindly man anmed Torgri has summoned a group...
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    The best fighting game

    Ok look above. I have compiled a list of some really good fighter. To let you know I'm only putting MK 1-3 cause the rest suck.
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    Fanfiction ► Gamers vs Jack Thompson pt 3-3(1st one Dan's point of view. Then Dave's, then Jons.)

    Nice way to wrap up the series though I already know you still have much more coming for this.