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    KH... new series ...

    ok .. this is something other people probably have asked but i dont feel like going to their threads.. i've noticed things: the old man... his costume resembles Ansem from the First Kingdom Hearts the old man's 'shadow' .. this warrior has a costume that resembles riku's evil costume...
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    Lexaeus and Saix

    no lexaeus is more like a hammer ... but saix's is more of a...huge beserk lance... not really a hammer so to speak
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    Malificent and Pete ?????

    idk probably b.... or maybe c..
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    Favorite Drive Form

    how often have people posted threads like this(not trying to flame you) but final form was my favorite cuz it was just cool and i was the 'ultimate' form.
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    how long did it take you to beat Riku and Sora's game

    no offence but give him a break he just joined, i mean i kno my join date says september but thats because i made a new name i've been on here for ovr 2 years i think....but u do have a point these threads r getting kinda old
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    2-D vs 3-D

    idk.....i kinda wonder how the whole card system will work in 3d
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    im confused

    hey you know how only roxas fights the twilight thorn? well how does jiminy get it in the journal? he wasnt with roxas. i dunno how he got info on that. lyk was his memories and sora's linkd in some sorta way? answers plz
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    cool thought

    wouldn it be cool if you could play multiplayer in KH3? or KH2fm? think about it every single character you meet in the game( well the ones that can fight) you could play as in a multiplayer mode? fight alongside or against eachother in worlds you have visited and completed. have riku verses...
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    WHATDAFu..'S OF kh2

    this is a stupid thread no offence or anything but this isnt really necessary
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    KH2 Secret Ending (Sunset Horizons?)

    me too i didnt get the secret ending in proud mode
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    Fav part in KH2

    my favorite part was either the 1000 heartless battle or when you get to fight Xemnas and all his forms oh ... and sephiroth was a good fight to
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    Hayner Pence Olette

    yea this person is rite bout the real people in the game
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    More than likely...

    same here i've beatin proud mode alot n i didnt see the ending ....... this sux
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    Hayner Pence Olette

    yea it cant be hayner pence and olette
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    hmmm... intresting.... maybe its because he was being helped by pete.. maybe he was able to maintain his original form while becoming a heartless...cuz he was already in the darkness... lyk wen normal people lose their heart to the darkness they change form to a heartless... because they dont...
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    yea there is mention that it was it was scars ghost...rite?
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    Twilight Town Songs

    sry i nvr really noticed a difference ... both were good lol
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: big structure the scene where the big thing in the background of the trailer just dissolves... if you pause the scene BEFORE it dissolves you can see the disign .... look familiar?
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    big structure did any one else notice the big stucture in the secret ending of KH2?? it reminds me of Xemnas's big ship thing .... post your ideas
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    KH: CoM manga from Tokyo Pop

    yea cant wait lol for the series ... n the KH2 series if they (they probably are gunna) make one