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    Braig/Xigbar in new trailer

    Well, he is a guard that Ansem hired. He was probably chosen for his aptitude in using Space magic. I mean, if some 15-year old kid can use a whole assortment of magic, then some random joe off the street can probably learn to use at least 1 specific king. Turning into a Nobody probably just...
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    Kh 358/2days memory scene

    It was Xion the whole time experiencing one of Riku's memories somehow. Anyway, since she is just a doll made to mimic her appearance on the memories of others, she begins to take on Riku's form, because it was his memory. But in the end, she turns into her original form, Sora. And that wasn't...
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    Best 358/2 Days boss fight

    Antlion was a beast, but Leech Grave was just so cool as well. They're two of my favorite top bosses in Kingdom Hearts.
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    Birth by Sleep Website Update! Disney Town + Radiant Garden

    Re: BBS site update Hopefully they update Radiant Garden as the weeks go by so that it shows the other Apprentices, Ansem, and Kairi. And how come Mickey isn't anywhere? He isn't in Disney Town, but that was obvious. And, I guess he's a main character, but he isn't part on the main trio, so...
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    Ienzo and his "book"

    Well, since characters in the various worlds all seem to have some kind of weapon or power, no matter who they are, it does stand to reason that the humans of the Org would have all had weapons themselves, to you know, defend themselves. I mean, Aladdin has a sword and Tarzan had a spear. So...
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    Vanitas Can't be Saix!!!

    1) No, Saix wasn't an original member. Only the first 6 were. Saix and Axel joined later on. 2) Vanitas can't be any of the Organization members, because a) he has a Keyblade and b) he has a completely different voice and body shape. Seriously, these things should be obvious to you people. If...
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    Organization 13

    Because he's too cool to follow his own rules. Anyway, my favorite characters are Xigbar and Luxord. Then Axel, Zexion and Marluxia. Those are my top 5, although I tend to switch the order of them around whenever I feel like. I pretty much like almost all of the Organization characters. A...
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    KHII Cutscene Archive

    OK, then, how about another question. How do you record game videos onto your computer by yourself? Like, how do you get video games to play on your computer, and how do you record the cutscenes?
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    KHII Cutscene Archive

    Those aren't HQ at all. The video's sizes are too small and when it gets dark, its hard to see everything. The Re:CoM vids are great, but that's about it; the KH and KHII vids aren't good at all. IMO.
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    KHII Cutscene Archive

    Now, I know that there are vids of the games on KH13.com and KHvids.com, but the former doesn't have the whole game up (only some of the Jap version and some of the FM+ version) and the latter has all the vids, but in really low quality. Do you know of any place where I can download the entire...
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    Vexen/Lexaeus voice actor (english)

    Yeah, Derek Stephen Prince plays Vexen, Uryu and Shino from Naruto. Along with other characters from many different shows. But, no, Lexaeus and Vegeta have different voice actors.
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    The Original Six Nobodies

    1) Braig and Ienzo are scientists/researchers for Ansem. 2) Vanitas is voiced by the Voice Actor for Sora. 3) Eraqus looks nothing like Xigbar. 4) It's Aeleus; not Elaeus.
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    coded Episode 5 "Agrabah" [SPOILERS]

    I don't think that it will just be 7 chapters; it's so far going in the same order as the worlds from the first game (with the obvious exception of Deep Jungle). So that means Chapter 6 - Monstro Chapter 7 - Atlantica Chapter 8 - Halloween Town Chapter 9 - Neverland Chapter 10 - Hollow Bastion...
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    Re: Replicas? *SPOILERS* 1) Namine hadn't broken Riku Replica yet; Vexen just deemed it a failure before he had brought it to Castle Oblivion. BTW, it wasn't even a Riku yet, it probably was just a blank slate with no features. Then Vexen fought Riku and molded the doll into Riku's liking. 2)...
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    Do the organization Coats Have a special meaning?

    They protect their wearers from the darkness. That's why DiZ gave them to Riku and Mickey, so they could enter Dark Corridors without their hearts being consumed. Plus, they're apparently form-fitting, so anybody can wear them.
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    A Throne? Master Xehanort sits on a throne...

    It can also mean "No Earth" pointing to a connection to Terra, which means Earth in Latin.
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    Christmas killed the mood.

    Sora's like a five year old in almost every world that they go to. And he's supposed to be 16; he just seemed way to out of character in the entire second (or third; whichever you decide to call it) game.
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    agrabah in BBS?

    They should put Atlantica in instead of Agrabah. Agrabah's been in every game, and it's alright and everything but it's usually just the same stuff over and over again. Meanwhile, Atlantica's been used and ruined in KH2, so they should try and redeem it a little by placing it in BBS, especially...
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    BBS graphics

    BBS is a PSP game... 25 characters
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    Ansem Reports Paradox

    Well he must have written more reports that weren't a part of the Ansem Reports; he is a scientist after all. I doubt that he's only written one report in his entire life.