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    Create your own KH Character

    Hey guys I just wanted to to start something new which might be fun for yall so here it goes. Make your own KH character give us the name of your character their background what their ability is what weapon they use and if you want to then you can add a little adventure to let us know how...
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    To all the people that knew me from before im back and i cant wait to see if the site has changed or not
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I beat KH2 in like two and a half days and after i looked at the cool 3d movies clips at the ending i hoped there would be a KH3 THAT WOULD BE Coool
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    Yes i wil be the first one in Germany to have kingdom hearts 2 u see im am from ATL aka Atlanta anyway my dad is in da army so we moved to germany and it sucks but atleast we have a APO box so the stuff from the states comes here to us isnt that cool so i can show of and i get kh2 right when...
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    The story game

    ok tis is how tha game goes somone starts a story and the story goes on and on and it can be about anything from kh2 to music to the first person on this page start the story and then it will just go on have fun
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    I need to know Order members and pics

    Hey everyone i need help i am gettin kh2 next week but CAN someone plz shoe me pics of order members becuz i know some of their names but can u plz give me names and pics of the order members plz and does Riku have a DarkHalf for the people that are playing the game right now plz reply i need...
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    Riku Fan Club

    All the peeps that like to talk about Riku or if u got pics of him then put them on here this is for all riku fans this can be anyhting about Riku. so write as much as u want about riku
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    2 new unknowns.

    rikku isint going to be in kingdom hearts 2 if she is prove it
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    Make a story and continue with the story

    Ok here are the rules ill start the story and u guys hace to keep going on with the story like there was a pony the someone else says it was hary and stupid and u can add on things ok so here i go It was a Dark night and Riku saw neo shadows so he was about to use his not its some one elses turn go
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    sorry for spam but whats the new asa trailer called
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    when i go to the main page for da new trailer then wher do go video right then whats the trailer called and where do i go sorry for the spam
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    New Trailer Analysis

    where can u find the new trailer plz show me
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    If you Could Chooe a Path

    I would choose twilight becouse it fits perfect for me
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    Castle Oblivion IS a world?

    but i swear eve thoe i shouldnt swear i do riku is playable
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    Castle Oblivion IS a world?

    ok ill try to look for it again
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    Castle Oblivion IS a world?

    yo peeps sora bhk and riku are going to be playable so not just sora and bhk but riku too that's what people said and even Nomura said that too so there all three main characters are going to be playable
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    How can you put your sigz on when you made them

    hEY PEEPS i need help i made my own sig on adobe photoshop but i dont now how i can put it on as a sig becouse it says i need a url page from the internet even thoe i made it my self can you help
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    Deep Dive World!!!

    my cousin is visiting in japan that lucky bastard he is playing it at t party for kingdom hearts fans and he told me deep dive is one of the best world only he said i have to see it for myself so he wont tell my anything else
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    what would u do if u became a keyblade master

    i would show it to my friends and kick Heartsless butt and i would become a twilight or darkness blader
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    yeah BHK does kind of look like sora thoe he could be the twilight side of sora if sora would of lived in twilight town