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    First time... Critique?

    So this is my first try with photoshop... downloaded like two c4ds for this and ran with it. Comments / Critique? I really just threw on the text so feel free to ignore it. I'm fairly proud of it, but feel free to knock me down :)
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    Favorite Quote?

    ....holy jesus I love you. "Even me, even you" freaky voice.
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    Was anyone else dissappointed in Blank Points?

    I was honestly caught off guard. Nothing in the game had me particularly invested in its story up until that point. This is probably my third favorite cutscene in KH, next to sora stabbing himself and axel attacking roxas. So no, not at all disappointed. I'm sick of having vague concepts thrown...
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    BBS Disney Villains?

    I remembre playing KH1 and understanding the fact that the villains posed an actual threat, whereas in KH2 they were just placeholders. Maleficent in particular always stood out to me as being a kickass disney villain, and so a question- Do you actually get the feeling that the disney villains...
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    Having just finished Days, I have some questions for everyone (Possibly Spoilers, maybe)

    The bizarre room in particular pissed me off, all those flying things just never stayed still. Other than that, all the bosses were very easy... minus saix. Hardest boss for me, for some odd reason.
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    Which one was harder?

    Re:CoM was definitely easier, but also a lot more fun. Ridiculously powerful sleights just let you breeze through the game for the most part. Re:CoM took longer to beat though, at least for me, because it was much more fun to explore the worlds so in general I spent a lot of time collecting...
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    Japanese Birth by Sleep Review

    Pause at like... 6:28 ...yea. Good review though... I just do not like his voice for anything... or his face, so good thing it was mostly BBS videos =D
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    Lit ► His Dark Materials

    I searched for a thread on this series, but couldn't find one. So here it is. I love these books. In my opinion the series remained strong from beginning to end, and in general was extremely captivating. So what do you think about them? Favorite book in the series? Why? I wanna hear opinions...
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    The End of The World. I can't forget playing through and expecting Hollow Bastion to be the final stage. Then when it appeared I was like "...holy crap... this place is sick" It really blew me away. The music was so ominous, and it just felt really epic, like something was actually on the line...
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    Whats the big deal with Spoilers anyway?

    This I agree with. It's like... who do you think you're kidding? You spoiled it for yourself, just accept it. I really hope all the hype is worth it =)
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    Whats the big deal with Spoilers anyway?

    I've decided that I'm not gonna spoil this game for myself. It's really just a matter of opinion. I play games in the hope that they will be generally enjoyable to go through, and that there will be some sort of plot I can get into. So, by spoiling myself, I lose about half the fun of a game...
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    KHII more light hearted???

    I wouldn't really call either particularly "dark" games... KH1 was just sort of more mature with the way it handled its themes, whereas KH2 just sort of threw itself at you and expected you to take everything to have some deeper significance. KH1 had much more depth and emotional weight, KH2...
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    Favourite Lines in 358/2?

    Favorite lines all come from Axel's final confrontation with Xion. I really don't like her character, but the scene got me caring about Axel's inner struggle and all that fun stuff. Aside from that, I would have to agree with the Xigbar one above ("why do you stare at me like I drowned your...
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    Which battle do you like? (KH2)

    Roxas vs Axel at the Mansion. "I'm so FLATTERED" ah gotta love it. It wasn't particularly difficult, but it was without a doubt the only moment of the entire game that I was at all emotionally invested in. Now after Days I like it a little bit more, but it still kicks ass on its own. After...
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    Level Design Question (Spoiler-Free Please)

    With the search function shut off I'm not sure if there is a thread already like this, but I've got a general question. Are the level designs of this game closer to KH1 or KH2 in nature? I loved the levels of the first game, but the second one was waaaaaaaay too linear. I don't wan't to be...
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    Did anyone dislike Xion?

    This. (plus quazi-depressing is a fun word) =D Seriously she had no basis. While she wasn't a terrible character, I feel like this game should have fleshed out the already existing Org members, not highlighted one who was unnecessary to begin with. What probably annoys me the most about her...
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    I missed this place =)

    Well I'm back... (Not sure anybody knew I was ever here, but whatever.) Playing Days made me remember just how much I liked this series, and with BBS so close I felt I should come back. I forgot how nice this place was =) Anyway can't wait to get back to posting! Seeeya around.
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    WTF?! No Olympus Coliseum?!!

    True... but if they do reveal more worlds I really would love to see new ones. Days was nothing but rehash, and it annoyed me to no end. I loved the game, but the environments were so boring! I mean really four games into the series the novelty has completely worn off. So you know what... I...
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    WTF?! No Olympus Coliseum?!!

    I agree about the Coliseum in Days. >< Painfully boring. Still, even if it has the potential to be good, I'd so much rather see Atlantica return. On top of the connections with Triton and whatnot, it was probably my second favorite world in the original KH (next to Hollow Bastion), and I'd love...
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    Favorite video in theatre mode

    My personal favorite was the english version of the second axel/xion fight. (Xion and Axel face off) "Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?" "Go on you just keep running. But I'll always be there to bring you back!" Those two lines practically made the game for me, especially the first...