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    Narrate, describe, tell, amaze, let your RIGHT cerebral hemisphere EXPLODE WITH CREATIVENESS!

    Soooooo a little game for you guys to entertain urselves! Rules! they'll go at the end because rules are boring ; / So here's what you have to do, you got 2 options in these 3 situations, you have to narrate and describe the following situations, but in each one there is a catchy-catch! ;D...
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    So here's a tricky question? >:/

    lolz i wanted to see u guys rage, explain wisely and surrender to the dumbness, check, check, check ;D
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    So here's a tricky question? >:/

    Why if BBs was chronologically first than kh1 and kh2 does it have recent movies, or at least more recent movies than kh1 and kh2, like lilo and stitch? haha got ya there buds!
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    sea salt scenes

    the title of this post should be (days) 90% of the game
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    Umm, maybe xemnas even if you dont kill him, Riku, Sora. ;D
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    OOOOK AS ALWAYS I APOLOGIZE IF THIS THREAD WAS ALRDY MADE BUT WHO CARES LOLOLOL IF IT WAS PLS DELETE THIS ONE! Now this consists of 15(edit, sorry lolz) phrases, in which there is a blank, u my lovely forum friends have to fill the blank with the words you find fitting, there are no rules for...
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    I agree with you guys, but the cut-scenes and bad graphics are the reasons why I think this game would be insanely good if it was remade into wii or ps3, also i dont think xion was a good idea at all, i mean it gives the story meaning but u could easily skip days or just say there was a false...
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    Will Vanitas Return?

    I think he has to be back and as he is the darkness manifestation of terra's darkness(heart) I think some other darkish characters could have a custom sanitas of their own, who knows maybe another organization made of sanitas, I think he could easily be made into a drive form, aid character. it...
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    If you were to install a new important power to the main characters of the series, what would it be?

    Like any of my posts, if this one requires a delete due to any cause pls do MODS Ok so I know how having the ability to use old fashion final fantasy magic, old fashion final fantasy summoning and knowing how to summon, use and swing an oversized key are the fighting pillars of the KH series...
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    Ok guys so I just finished kingdom hearts 358/2 days and I actually loved it, not my favorite kh game but I thought it was pretty good, I wanted to know ur feedback and opinions about the facts in the game that I hated! 1.- Final Boss, Xion 2.- Mobility-Luck missions 3.- Only playing Roxas in...
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    Where would you pawn and with whom would you pawn in KH3?

    OK, so easy question, name a disney movie world, you would actually like to appear in KH3 and name the assist character that would help you there, its also open to make ur own plots to the place, bad guys and all that stuff, aaaalso would you guys want to see another winnie pooh story? pls...
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    Dont you agree?

    ok, a lil question, u guys know how SE decided to do remake of "chain of memories" for PS2, wouldn't you guys agree its not a bad idea to make a wii or ps3 version of 358/2 and a version of BbS for PS3 I think its a rlly nice idea, what do u guys think? Note: IDK if this post was already...
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    Playing as Riku

    I liked it because riku is really a good character and he fought awesomely, though i agree with you his plot was really short and easy maybe some more things to his fighting weaponry would have made him better to play with ;D
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    It's Ma Birthday!!!

    Its my Birthday and Im turning 20 right now there is so much going through my life that I wish today there will be nothing but good stuff and happy people! ;3
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    Help/Support ► Jobs for a 15 year old

    Paper boy should be fun! maybe you'll get chased by dogs and have a story to tell
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    Bomberman vs Megaman

    EPIC BATTLE! Bomberman is pretty cool! Megaman is pretty tough! who would win?
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    Bakuman, Great Manga from the author of "Death Note" It involves nothing but normal life and the life of mangaka wanna-be! Say what part did you like, what part did you hate who is your favorite character whatever comes into your mind about BAKUMAN! ;3
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    Halo 3: Recon question

    I actually love tha Halo series and I know Halo 3 wasn't all that great (to me) but I read in a magazine that a sort of expansion was coming out for it: "Halo 3: Recon" I would really appreciate it if someone filled me in with the features it brings to the game, your own critic about the...
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    Tv Shows!

    Tv Shows you like/dislike Talk about them! I <3 DR HOUSE Rio Ink Life of Ryan All of VH1's Best Balls of Steel Viva Hollywood! and none that I dislike, maybe grey's anatomy and ER a little bit :( I also hope this thread grows to be old have children and a beautiful family! ;3
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Questions

    I think some Sora's abilities will be on roxas's repertory and maybe some of his own will be developed as for the organization members they will probably have the same techniques and some super moves or minor moves with the same basis ;3 Not that I have evidence of it but that's what I think...