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  1. ollimolli95

    Would you rather Ansem to have been....

    I like scenario one. The story nowadays is so freakin complicated...
  2. ollimolli95

    Need help

    Let's make it clear. Journal= Debug report! Easy :D
  3. ollimolli95

    Crtiical lvl 1 run

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ollimolli95

    "???" Boss

    Level 40!? OMFG... I have problems with him at level 80 >.>
  5. ollimolli95

    Dream drop distance similar to Deep dive

    Has anyone other than me noticed the similarities between Deep dive and Dream drop distance? Like the words... Deep=Distance and dive=drop. Also in the DDD trailer there are raining Sora's from the sky like the deep dive movie where there are shooting stars. The last thing I noticed is that in...
  6. ollimolli95

    hollow bastion lvl 80 stystem

    After completing the game on critical I think it's meaningless to continue playing on that difficulty... I'm going to take that sector now! It's the last one :)
  7. ollimolli95

    My LP of KH1: Final Mix

    "I'm gonna play *Huff* *Puff* Kingdom hearts final mix" xD
  8. ollimolli95

    ice titan

    Melting* :D Hmph... Stupid 25 character limit -_-
  9. ollimolli95

    What if...? (Theories)

    Wow... Really good theories you come with here :9 Not really much to add I think.
  10. ollimolli95

    I think I'm gonna me the first

    I think I'm gonna be the first in Norway to get Birth By Sleep:36: (I'm getting it 22 January^^)
  11. ollimolli95

    Birth by Sleep Remake

    Can anyone confirm that there is no region lock because I may import it from Japan:lol:
  12. ollimolli95

    braig gets a scare but who wacks his eye out

    Well... It is easier to aim with one eye closed, so maybe that is the reason?
  13. ollimolli95

    BbS Boxart (Higher resolution)

    Re: BbS Boxart? (Confirmed) Maybe the emptiness in the picture is to feature Vanitas(Emptiness or something).
  14. ollimolli95

    Vanitas = Final Boss

    I think it would be too obvious that vanitas or MX was the final boss. I think they have a final boss hidden somewhere, but where that is I have no idea. ;)
  15. ollimolli95

    More Vjump Scans

    To me it looks like they (Vanitus and Ven) are in the room roxas is in, in the virtual Twilight Town
  16. ollimolli95

    Do the organization Coats Have a special meaning?

    I think it may be so you are protected by by darkness and a symbol of being in the organization.