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    ^^^true but just becuz he is a good guy doesnt mean we cant beat the crap outa him WHOS WITH ME!! (ppl get torches and pitchforks) YYYEAH!
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    A Roxas/Ven connection theory

    umm. first of all they say so thats why IT chose you. and this theory has been posted lots of times.
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    we fought riku, we fought riku lots. diz has an evil laugh. and that could have been before the double crossing.
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    i believe that vanitas is actually a good guy. at first he is with MX. but then later MX says to terra that he needs to go destroy vanitas. and we all know MX is a bad guy. nomura saiid we should pay attention to who Vanitas really is. so im guessing vanitas was pretending to be friends with...
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    my theory on how radiant garden came to be hollow bastion and org 13 was formed

    i was a lil confused as to why these things were never touched on? but since the heartless were created its a common idea that it was formed inside of a laboratory. and ansem made them. so what are the guards guarding (dilan and um... ok lexaus) i think is the lab and xigbar works there and i...
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    secret movie?

    just confirming to everyone who doesnt know (archie) there is a secret ending for bbs so wat (based off of logic) does anyone think that itll be? considering what weve had in the past and considering that weve already had three spinoffs in a row i think itll be a future (older) sora. and the...
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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    um vexen actuallly? and larxene i beat on first try after destiny islands? then i had to fite repliku and didnt save and magically won!!!! so those dont really seem that hard? and ansem i beat on 3rd try at lvl 56? so yeah vexen proly?
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    unversed are extinct debate thread

    if ur one of those ppl who are still saying that unversed are alive say it here and to the ppl who think its just a common acceptance then say so. 1.first we havent seen them in 1 or 2 FLIP we havent seen nobodies in 1 either 2.they arent in coded. FLIP coded is a memory game we havent seen them...
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    Ansem the Wise - Kairi's father?

    hmm... how do i feel about this thread.... ah yes. ive made alot of threads that have been straight FLAMED! and that was my first one. hey i was new? so i made a vow never to flame a single thread EVER again (even tho ive had a few) and there is evidence and there is also evidence that they look...
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    mickey wont help sora?

    there was wen goofy died at the 1000 heartless battle cuda taught him then. rite b4 xemnas cuda taught him then. and rite wen u first play as sora in kh2 wen mickey saves u cuda taught him then. and mickey has been alive for a long time ok! 10 YRS B4 KH1 AND KH1 AND 2!!!!!!! yea he had to have...
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    mickey wont help sora?

    ok so ven terra and aqua can do all this neet keyblade wielder stuff. like have armor, and ride their keyblades. and im guessing all the keyblade wielders from this era can as well. since Eraqus has armor (on his chest like terra aqua and ven) and can probably ride it to and hey MX theres a high...
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    umm...is that bbs box art?

    the new scan with the rumor about no playstations store release. the first thing i looked at was that, if you fold the line in half between the title and the four boxes and the psp at the top then put a lil psp logo were it is folded that it could be a box art... it looks like it. SE is known...
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    Olympus World Cut?

    well they do already hav a minigame world... and thats all i really ever thot of olympus as anyway? bcuz u didnt need it to beat kh1? buh a minigame and tournament mode world would be great. i would say you could make it online at olympus but thats wat they have the mirage arena for.
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    the new keys

    yea i dont know what your talking about.
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    govern new areas?

    ok this is a question from a long time ago. when you become a keyblade master you get to use keychains (correct me if iim wrong) and you can take on apprentices in an area right? these areas, are they like whole worlds? and is sora a master cuz he can use keychains?
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    KH BBS Multiplayer

    eraqus has a scar on his face?
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    the new keys

    um a picture plz? 25 characters
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    Vanitas is Siax Idea.

    whats sora VA? 25 characters
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    kh bbs DLC

    hm ok ur rite. i splogize for wat i said earlier. but still.... i want it. its not like u dont
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    kh bbs DLC

    there doesnt need ta b another story? you cud play the part of the story with another character like in days? jus have the cutscenes with same ppl duh