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  1. KingdomSoul333

    water elemental spells

    I believe that balloon, balloonra, and balloonga were water based, I could be wrong
  2. KingdomSoul333

    frustration at the lack of commands

    I wasn't talking about abilities, I was talking about commands. I saw like 5 dream eaters that unlock zero gravira. I just wish there were more commands than there currently are.
  3. KingdomSoul333

    frustration at the lack of commands

    I have all but like 5 dream eaters and I have many of their commands unlocked. It just seems like too many of them repeat from ability link to ability link, I dont like that each dream eater has about 2-4 commands to unlock and many of which repeat from dream eater to dream eater. I just wish...
  4. KingdomSoul333

    frustration at the lack of commands

    Anyone else kinda upset at the lack of commands in kingdom hearts 3d? I understand that they used a lot of their ideas for commands on birth by sleep, so I understand the lack of a bunch of new commands, but I do think that they should have included more commands than the did. Also I am a bit...
  5. KingdomSoul333

    Getting ready for KH3D.

    Got my text from gamestop and i got my email from amazon saying they shipped my strategy guide. Cant wait till tomorrow!
  6. KingdomSoul333

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Official Launch Event Announced!

    I wish the held events at disneyland, i am literally 10 min away from there, awww well. Have fun everyone who is going :)
  7. KingdomSoul333

    Circle Pad Pro Controls

    How much do u think the trade in for the 3ds to 3dsxl would be?
  8. KingdomSoul333

    I'm back!

    Most of you guys probably dont know me all that well, im one of those people who checks up every once in a while but doesnt post often. I am probably gonna be on more often now since KH3D comes out in a week and i can avoid spoilers now (for the most part). i am excited to see what work has been...
  9. KingdomSoul333

    Are YOU getting KH3D?

    I would rather have the xl, but i already own the normal one, according to a review i read, the 3d is slightly easier to see and does not distort with movement quite so easily. Maybe ill trade in my normal one, when the time comes
  10. KingdomSoul333

    How is the 3D in this game?

    Re: for those who've played DDD....(non-spoiler topic) Wow i didnt know u could turn off subtitles, i will probably do that, but yeah i thought the 3d looked good
  11. KingdomSoul333

    I have a question about KH 3D

    I dont believe anything has been stated yet though i could be wrong, although there was a thread a few days ago that included a small change to the north american addition of 3d, but i didnt enter the thread due to possible spoilers, im tryin to stay clean. So i would look there if you want to...
  12. KingdomSoul333

    KH3D Will Not Be Released Digitally!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts DDD Digital release I dont trust downlaoble copies of anything, i would rather have a hard copy.
  13. KingdomSoul333

    KHInsider @ E3 2012!

    Its not open to the public right?
  14. KingdomSoul333

    KHInsider @ E3 2012!

    I would go but i work all week, and anaheim isnt exactly the closest drive to LA for me to go after work...
  15. KingdomSoul333

    Iwata Asks Interview + KH3D Screenshots from NoE

    Ooooooooo looks good, im glad we are getting more screenshots
  16. KingdomSoul333

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced I actually just got my circle pad pro in the mail, and i tried it out on resident evil demo, it was very comfortable to hold however i am concerned with KH, because my right thumb would have to move the camera and press the dpad for...
  17. KingdomSoul333

    KH3D BradyGames Guide Information!

    I have never bought a guide before, but since i have a job now and can afford it, i preordered the guide.
  18. KingdomSoul333

    Kingdom Hearts 3D North American Demo Incoming!

    Does anyone know if the demo will be compatible with the circle pad pro?
  19. KingdomSoul333

    Kingdom Hearts 3D North American Demo Incoming!

    I almost dont want to play it because when it gets to the end of the demo i will be seriously depressed while waiting for the actual release, maybe i wont get it, that way the game will be fresh when i get it. Maybe the US should just get the demo 11 days earlier than europe, lol jk i dont...
  20. KingdomSoul333

    Kingdom Hearts 3D North American Demo Incoming!

    I feel like i should skip the cutscenes just so its completely new storyline wise when i get it. But i think it will be hard not to watch those cutscenes