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  1. Veddix

    anti form

    Well then that's why you gotta give him props for his achievement because I wouldn't even think of that and I prefer anti-form.:eek:
  2. Veddix

    Just thought of something...

    ^^^Point of the forums really besides just conversing.
  3. Veddix

    Pride lands animals

    Come to think of it that might be because it was the only end that looked good on him.
  4. Veddix

    anti form

    Yeah you can wail on big Heartless without stop and blast the hell out of them.:lol:
  5. Veddix

    anti form

    Anti-Form never came up in the points where I didn't need it like bosses and etc. only the times where I could just beat the crap out of enemies,haha.*_^
  6. Veddix

    Pride lands animals

    Hmmm, I think it's his lower jaw that confuses people. Yeah it's his lower jaw if it were thinner it would then be clearer that he's a cat.
  7. Veddix

    Just thought of something...

    The world order as in the destruction of the worldS in KH1 was restored and as in KH2 Sora used his Keyblade to unlock paths and now they can travel becuase they are able to summan the Gummi ship (Game wise the save point) and hence KH3. The "?" you should be asking is how did TAV get around...
  8. Veddix

    Pride lands animals

    Yeah even in Australia Goofy would probably turn into a dingo than dog.:wink:
  9. Veddix

    BBS Heroes resemble Drive forms

    YES!! Haha I am so smart, I am so smart, S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-RT:lol:
  10. Veddix

    Terra vs. Ven vs. Aqua

    From past to present to Nobody wait then what could be next.........Hmm these are all dude fights we need a cat fight Cinderella vs. Snow White winner takes on our two champs Bell and Jasmine!!!!
  11. Veddix

    BBS Heroes resemble Drive forms

    Ok now I'm convinced but what could make it more clear take away a Keyblade when he has two and the similarities are clearer.Also the 2 Keyblades would be an effect from Roxas. Valor=Ven and Goofy since he rams people. Wisdom=Aqua with Donald hence the blue. Master=Terra and the power of G/D...
  12. Veddix

    Terra vs. Ven vs. Aqua

    No I meant two for light fighting one for dark, but yeah really why would Aqua fight either of them Terra vs. Ven all the way.
  13. Veddix

    Terra vs. Ven vs. Aqua

    The only way they seem to have a chance of fighting is indeed because of Terra and darkness like when Ansem controled Riku in the second fight at Hollow Bastion, so really it would be either Ven vs. Terra or two on one. A full three way fight doesn't seem possible.
  14. Veddix

    weird fact on sora's heartless

    ^^^ What you say gives more to the fact that Xehanort was total badass being one with a strong dark heart. (Which was passed down to the great and powerful Ansem SoD)
  15. Veddix

    BBS Voice Acting

    I hope not then how would we see how many of the original english VA's they got for them.
  16. Veddix


    ^^^TAV's seem better as the past three and the game reports say it might be the best one yet so it should be good.
  17. Veddix

    Is Xehanort a Nobody?

    I can see how the idea comes to mind but sorry no.
  18. Veddix

    Phantom tips anyone

    Focus your mind,Sora, and soul become strong/powereful and follow what these guys are saying. That's really all there is to it.
  19. Veddix

    mickey keyblade master theory?? and some questions..

    I think were all trying to say that Riku has ENOUGH darKness in him to be able to control and be outside the normal Light Dark ratio which is what makes him badass and not just some pedestrian with no power.
  20. Veddix

    Ven is Xehanort

    This would actually make sense if you were a fan of Naruto and know of his dad.