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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    *SPOILERS* I'm guessing it's Master Xehanorts Nobody. His shell is still left behind after the final fight with Terra.
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    Is there a signifigance...

    Well if you think about it, Sora himself is always having flashbacks of his past. Why not Kairi?
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    WTF?! No Olympus Coliseum?!!

    Yeah I just realized that after I posted it, read the edit.
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    WTF?! No Olympus Coliseum?!!

    Isn't it obvious that Olympus Coliseum is in BBS? EDIT: But now that I think about it, maybe they were using the layout for Olympus Coliseum to represent the Gathering world [maybe because they haven't finished making it yet, idk]
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    How Ienzo messes things up.

    I'm assuming he didn't become a heartless until around the beginning of KH1, just because Ansem's apperentices make an appearence in BBS doens't nessecarly mean that they will die and become heartless and nobodies during the game.
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    KH2, a terrible game?

    *cough* Jak II *cough* :tongue:
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    Have You Noticed?

    they look yellow to me. .
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    Strange, I remember in that secret ending for KH2:FM+, Master Xehanort was such a badass, he could move the earth up, he could use his keyblade with one hand without a sweat, he can crush a 15 year old boy's head, freeze him, and throw him off a cliff, but now he is tied up on a pole! This has...
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    Disney Town & Disney Castle

    Nice, I never realized those were houses till now! I always thought it was a garden of flowers or something. :dizzy:
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    zack in bbs

    Yeah Zack is a great character, definitely a breath of fresh air after dealing with Cloud and Vincent's emoness.
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    zack in bbs

    Zack would be pretty cool to see. But I doubt ShinRa would make an appearance. But in Jiminy's Journal, they mentioned that Cloud was an EX-SOLDIER, perhaps in the Kingdom Hearts storyline he was a soldier for the Radiant Garden "army" and maybe was partners with Zack. But these are just random...
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    sorry, just a joke. I forgot about how cereal the internets is.
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    Xehanort = No terah J/K :]
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    The "Key" to the Unbirths.

    Hmm, yeah, that does sound like a good idea now that I think of it. lol. Its good to have some type of fun on these forums without any flaming or all that stuff. but yeah, those pictures got me stumped though :dizzy:
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    How many forms MX will have in the final battle?

    Re: Family IS a huge part of Kingdom Hearts guys! another question also! You know it.
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    The "Key" to the Unbirths.

    So the whole point of this is to guess someones theory? Sounds like a silly idea to get peoples post counts up. Does this Audo guy think he is god or something? He is probably thinking "Man I'm so cool, I'm not even going to post my theory, I'm just going to have people guess it like if it was...
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    How many forms MX will have in the final battle?

    Re: Family IS a huge part of Kingdom Hearts guys! another question also! You seem to be the only one actually bitching about it. If you didn't like the joke the least you could have done was not say anything at all. And if the thread is so pointless how come everyone else seems to be replying...
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    How many forms MX will have in the final battle?

    Hershey Edit: Yeah, I deleted the joke thing. Carry on with the MX stuff. And thread starter, don't put it up again, please. Okay guys "How many forms of Master Xehanort boss battles do you think there will be? I think about five!.
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    Maybe it isn't who, but WHAT is Xehanort...

    Hmm, I get what you are saying. But I dunno. I just think Xehanort was originally one dude who ended up being another who ended up calling himself Ansem.
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    Bosses you want in BBS

    All the Titans from the Hercules movie. Kadaj ,Loz, and Yazoo. The bitch from Snow White. All the FF characters in younger forms in Radiant Garden. [Well I guess they won't be boss battles] ughh I'm all out of ideas.