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    Go look for ze cure

    Still trying to sharpen up. This is better than the last one in my opinion.... Still needs work I know. CnC please.
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    It'll Bite Ya

    First effects/ smudge tag in god knows how long. Not the best and I know I can do better. Desperate need of CnC. Bash away! :E
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    C.S.E.D.G. Headquarters

    We Are The CRAZY STUPID EVIL DARKNES GROUP (C.S.E.D.G.) And we are on a quest to Rule the World. We need as many souls as possible to join our noble cause, for there is much we plan to do and we need all the cooperation available. Total Darkness and I shall lead you all to Greatness. And...
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    character from ff crisis core

    You should have posted this in here: http://forums.khinsider.com/square-enix/97509-official-crisis-core-discussion-thread.html but i bet they already have this. + you forgot this site too CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII-
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    petition here if you want kh3, chrono break , final fantasy VII remake ps3 to be made

    Re: petition here if you want kh3, chrono break , final fantasy VII remake ps3 to be Well for one this is the wrong section. xD But anyway. I believe they would release FF7, Chrono, THEN KH3. FF7 would bring in the most money for them, then Chrono would help too. Once all the games could be...
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    Help/Support ► How to give this gift

    You are like the perfect guy aren't you? you know what to do to make a girl happy.
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    Help/Support ► How to give this gift

    I think it's agreed. Go with the jacket. ^_^
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    Help/Support ► How to give this gift

    Good. Then you wont have much problems with girls. I don't really like clowns either, or flying in planes.
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    Help/Support ► How to give this gift

    Good. It looks like yu have your problems solved. Good luck! Some women like a guy that has some feminine in him. Well as long as you can swat spiders. Are you up to that task?
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    Help/Support ► How to give this gift

    Awww, thats really good. She'll love it! Trust me. She WILL remember it. I think it's kind of funny how most of these posts are guys saying what the girl will do or want. xD I think you need female opinions mostly on this one.
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    Help/Support ► How to give this gift

    I like the jacket idea. I really do. I think it would be a cute idea if she really likes to dig through your jacket that much. Just put the necklace in a really nice box (a black velvet one or white) with a bow (red or white). To make it better put one of those tags that say, "Just for you" , "I...
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    I had this problem for a while and now I kind of had enough. My screensaver wont pop up anymore... It's been a year. I'm running on a windows XP. I dont know whats going on with it. I have it on my picture slide show. I didnt set it on any stand-by mode nor the monitor. The power settings are...
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    Monitor prob?

    I replaced my old fussy monitor with a new LCD monitor. Ever since I replaced it it wont show the videos. It'll play the sound but wont show the movie. I have a thought that my graphics chip might be the master mind behind this. Does anyone know what the problem is?
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    DVD drive

    Okay heres the problem. I use a SONY VIAO laptop. There's something wrong with my DVD drive. My best guess is the lens that reads the disc. I say that because I put the DVD in and it won't read the disc so I tke is out and put ot back in and it reads it but it takes longer than usual. My guess...
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    Help/Support ► This is pretty pathetic, but...

    Sigh, I guess if no one will I will then...whats on your mind? =3
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    Fanfiction ► When the World Crashes

    Eh, this thread is dieing on me. I'll post a couple more chapters later.
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    Fanfiction ► When the World Crashes

    Okay heres the second chapter. I double spaced it this time. Chapt. 2: Awakening Zi awoke lying down in a place that wasn’t normal to him. He struggled to open his eyes; he blinked a few times to regain his vision that was taken from him. The sky was a dark cloudy grey and black and so...
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    Fanfiction ► When the World Crashes

    Hey thanks guys. I'll post the second chapter later.
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    Fanfiction ► When the World Crashes

    Hello all! I made this some time ago and chose to post it. This is just the intro and the first chapter. If you guys like it I shall post the second chapter. =3 I'm still editing the chapters so they are not fully completed yet but their something to go off on. Enjoy and happy reading. When the...
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    if this is in the wrond board just move it. anyway, I might be getting a new laptop. It'll be over the summer though. Any nono's brands or good brands I should look at? Help would be great. thanx