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  1. inverse K-blade7

    HD 1.5 ReMIX Quirks?

    Is anyone else bugged by the random inclusion of Leaf Bracer? Once you have that, Second chance, and MP Rage it'll be virtually impossible to die, because youll almost always have magic to freely heal.
  2. inverse K-blade7

    Little things

    How many tries did it take you to beat Hercules? Sora will be the seed of whatever the last round he made it to is. He starts as 10th, but after you beat it, Herc should be second seed. The flying pirates might have been second seed before you beat them.
  3. inverse K-blade7

    Little things

    In Kh1, if you cast fire in the middle of a ground combo, the spell is cast instantly, with no waiting time at all. If you go to Olympus Coliseum to get the thunder spell before beating Wonderland, it will almost always stun the Trickmaster and make him drop hp balls. When you block attacks...
  4. inverse K-blade7

    Why an elderly character?

  5. inverse K-blade7

    Empty Worlds?

    I remember in That was just really awkward. Some scenes just need NPCs
  6. inverse K-blade7

    Level 1 Critical Mode run.

    I'm currently attempting it with carried over spirits from my completed proud mode file. I'm currently up to the bosses in the Grid and Prankster's Paradise for Riku, and near the end of PP with Sora. Carrying over Spirits makes it easier to get abilities (I would defintely not want to try it...
  7. inverse K-blade7

    News ► The World Ends With You Teaser Site Opens!

    I'd still prefer a prequel to a sequel, preferrably starring Josh, Mr. H, or maybe Kariya. I could see a sequel about Josh happening, but I'd be pumped for anything as long as nekus not the main character again. His story deserves to end the way it already ended.
  8. inverse K-blade7

    anyone else who disliked the flowmotion?

    In my mind, the only thing that could have really improved flowmotion was if there was a cancel button for it, where'd you'd immediately go out of flowmotion wherever you were. preferably it would be the X button
  9. inverse K-blade7

    lvl 1 critical mode

    Your Dream Eaters level up and gain LP normally. Its only Sora and Riku that stay level one.
  10. inverse K-blade7

    Complete Report Help

    It says to max out all YOUR Spirits affinity, right? So couldn't you in theory, release all your DEs but one, and max out that ones affinity? Or get all the other trophies, and start a new game carrying them over, then release all but one. That way you still get to keep your DEs in the original...
  11. inverse K-blade7

    Random things you noticed...

    The tail of the Wargoyle is a hidden Mickey.
  12. inverse K-blade7

    Sora and the MoM

    When would he have been able to judge whether or not Sora grew? All Yen Sid actually sees of Sora before his decision is a tea party, which, while immature, doesn't show any overconfidence or lack of it. And again, the test was to unlock the seven sleeping keyholes and come back. Sora may...
  13. inverse K-blade7


    Personally, I want it to start on Destiny Islands with Sora and Riku sparring for the tutorial. I've never really had a problem with Kairi. Shes been out of the spotlight for so long now I stopped caring about her lack of screentime, but I'm happy shes relevant again. If her role as a...
  14. inverse K-blade7

    Sora and the MoM

    It was before the title got changed. And people can still read thread titles of this section from the future section. It just bugs me how Yen Sid says that Sora says that Sora definitely deserves to be a Master...and then doesn't make him one, supposedly because Riku did better than him. Not...
  15. inverse K-blade7

    About Xemnas

    I didn't see that scene as Xemnas following orders, i saw that more as Xigbar going "You know what, screw this! Xemnas, you're strong, take care of Sora, I'm done. " More or less equals, but one of them was copping out.
  16. inverse K-blade7

    Sora and the MoM

    Look at all the stuff Xehanort went through to almost get Sora the first time. Even if he has another plan like that up his sleeve, I find it hard to believe that Sora won't be able to get out of it this time.
  17. inverse K-blade7

    Sora and the MoM

    Look, no question Riku earned the Master title more than Sora did. But there was never any rule that only one of them could pass the exam. In the beginning, it seemed pretty clear that Yen Sid plannedto pass both of them, and he even said at the end that they both deserved to be Masters. Its...
  18. inverse K-blade7

    Boss Help (Traverse Town, Sora)

    When hes up close, he does a 3 or four hit combo, each hit can be blocked and countered,except for maybe the tail swipe. but after that, he'll usually fall over. Get a couple hits in, then run, because hes covered in fire when he gets up. His fire move is easy to dodge, and he'll usually follow...
  19. inverse K-blade7

    A Question Regarding Flick Rush

    how do you unlock the secret cup?
  20. inverse K-blade7

    With he questions!?

    It's one of the sticky threads, but here you go: http://forums.khinsider.com/spoilers/169096-unlocking-kh3ds-secret-ending-secret-message.html