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  1. faeba

    Comics ► Your World of Text.

    This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. You pretty much just go and type whatever, wherever on the screen. I don't know its purpose, if it even has one. But I find it amusing. :D Click Your World of Text umm...I didn't know what prefix to use. I did comics, because I find this funny.
  2. faeba

    How do you prefer to bother your mother?

    I, for one, quite enjoy singing "The Middle Aged Woman Song" at mine. Really gets on her nerves because she's self concious about her menopause. My mother's maiden name is Adams, so I also like to sing the Addams Family theme song at her. She HATES IT. It makes me kinda happy. Not that I...
  3. faeba

    I just now got Soulsilver.

    I feel like such a cool kid going around work and school with my Pokewalker. Even though everyone else had one LAST year. Idc I'm still SO HAPPY.
  4. faeba

    So... AVPM anyone?

    Who loves Starkid? I love Starkid. I demand an AVPM quote-off!
  5. faeba

    I'm sick. :(

    I've no idea how it happened or why it happened. Or when it will leave me. But I have a TERRIBLE cough. And I keep gagging on nothing. NOTHING. Idk what's wrong. :c What's the worst sickness you've had?
  6. faeba

    I AM NEW. :D

    Hai. I'm new, obviously. I'm pretty chill. I'm on Subeta(faeba) and DevArt(iheartharu). I know Axel's girl. She told me to tell people that I know people. :B I dun really know what else to say. Just be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. :D