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    Orly owl image by ThatCoolDudeYouKnow on Photobucket
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    Help/Support ► Small-Talk

    Just say stuff. Idk. I don't really think, which isn't usually good, it just comes out my mouth Ask what they have done are going to do that day =]
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    New Famitsu Scans - Neverland, Castle Oblivion and More! (TRANSLATIONS!)

    Re: New Famitsu Scans - Neverland, Castle Oblivion and More! Yay! maybe they will explain where the heck Pete came from before KH2... otherwise, sweet deal, SMEE is in it! Best peter pan character ever. and....... Castle Oblivion is coool.
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    New V Jump Scan + Another World Confirmed for Days

    Yeah!!! I'm so happy Neverland is in there, hopefully it's more than in KH1. thanks man your the best ^_^
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    So I was reading the french instructions...

    haha thats awesome, it certainly seems like a cool place from the time I've visited, plus almost everyone knows someone in Vancouver or BC, at least most people I know.
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    So I was reading the french instructions...

    yeahhhh by all rights I should be a redneck. but.... I'm a city kid haha. To be honest I kind of wish I lived in Vancouver. However, Edmonton is pretty cool, and it has an awesome local music scene. back on topic, I forgot that Dingo was an Australian dog too... that makes a bit more sense...
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    So I was reading the french instructions...

    hahahaha yeah I know how you feel. I'm in Canada too but I live in Alberta so most of us don't know or don't care about the french language... That's hilarious though... how do you get Dingo from Goofy?? I heard that french manuals are often the reason we get games a day late >.< so lame.
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    Do you even notice the change in sora's voice anymore??

    Quoted for truth^ I like KH2 Sora the way he is. He was great in KH1 but you can definitely see the maturity in his character and voice in KH2, I'm glad he changed and didn't stay exactly the same, plus Haley does a wonderful job, changed voice or not.
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    Another Newbie.

    Hello! I'm S7N, or Mike, whatever you prefer. I'm new here but I have used KHinsider as a resource for quite some time now. I love Kingdom Hearts (no duh), Music, Advent Children, Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Halo, and Pizza. Looking forward to meeting you all and having some good discussions =]