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    Gametrailers re: coded review

    I'd say the reviewer is pretty darn accurate!
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    Who do you like now?

    I still can't stand Aqua's voice, It's just so DEAD and no emotion >.< My favourite still Ventus
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    Catherine - "qbertian"

    Catherine’s Connection To Persona 3 Portable // Siliconera Introducing Catherine, The First HD Game From The Persona Team // Siliconera The game is by the Persona team, and Shoji Meguro is composing the music again.
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    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Re: Who's pre-ordered so far? I wasn't talking about BBSFM, Undub version isn't even made by squeenix/disney or w/e.
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    this saved my kingdom hearts experience.

    Took me 4 minutes not 4 years. But still congratulations nonetheless
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    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Re: Who's pre-ordered so far? Yeah, although a pandoras battery is only used to aquire a CFW (Custom Firmware) And then i'll have to wait if anyone is actually willing to make an Undub version/patch of it :( I'd rather not talk about these sort of stuff because i don't know if it's allowed =P...
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    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Re: Who's pre-ordered so far? Muting the game is the stupidest thing i've ever heard... "undub" is basically the english version but with the original Japanese voices.
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    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Re: Who's pre-ordered so far? Nope, not worth it... I'll be waiting for an Undub version
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    English Trailer @ Comic Con + Aqua/Terra Game Play

    Can't wait for an Un-Dub version =D
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    the discription for RE:CODED

    That's not their "shocking" announcement is it? I couldn't care any less about Re:Coded
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    BBS unlockables?

    Answers in green :) 25 chars/
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    New Worlds For NA BBS?

    Destiny Islands is just a big purple world, it's on the world screen but you can't actually go there so it's just for cutscenes Yeah, Yen Sid's tower is just the outside, then the inside with the stairs leading to the room with Yen Sid in it.
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    New Worlds For NA BBS?

    I doubt the NA is getting a new world... Are you sure your not talking about the Mirage Arena?
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    BBS official site update

    Im so used to the JP Va's that i don't like the ENG one's that much, they don't really match the characters that much but for now i'll just wait until we see the cutscenes
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    Have you s[p]oiled yourself?

    Re: Have you spoiled yourself? I tried man, i looked at infomation about Birth by Sleep, but then people kept shouting out spoilers :/ Basically this... except it's not just on the forum
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    I'm sort of glad...

    September? I thought it was July 9th :/
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    Rumour: Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3?

    E3 lists make for great rumours! - Gamereactor International - There's another page but who cares? it's not the one with KH3 on it :O Also, one thing that makes it seem fake is that on the other page it says "Final Fantasy VII HD" Though i am kinda dissapointed that there's no Persona on there :(
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    favorite drive form

    Limit Form, man that form saved my ass so many times, It's even better because you can even use it when your alone
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    Aqua makes me feel so homy.

    Is it just me or did i read the title as "Aqua makes me feel so horny"
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    Last Episode?

    I think he means that there will be an idiot who'll come along and shout spoilers without using the tags.