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  1. averagelesbian

    Who is Yozora???

  2. averagelesbian

    What do you guys think is in the black box?

    I personally think a body is in the box. The box has been shown to be heavy, so a kid or someone can be inside of there. When Ventus' heart was damaged after Xehanort split him in half, his body was still able to breathe and such without food or water, so the possibility of a sleeping body in...
  3. averagelesbian

    MoM's Plan

  4. averagelesbian

    Concerning the Epilogue and the Master of Masters

    Okay so i just finished watching the cutscene movie for kh 3 and ima just put a random theory out there. What if the Master of Masters is Luxu (aka Braig) from the future? And he went back in time to create the first keyblade war and tell his past self to watch? Idk if this could be true or...
  5. averagelesbian

    The future of Kingdom Hearts

    Okay this isn't a theory or anything but i was just kinda disappointed when i heard that sora would be the main character if they made another game. like dont get me wrong i love the sweet precious boi that is sora, but i would love to see him one day sorta looking like master eraqas with a...
  6. averagelesbian

    How Do You Think Aqua Will Be Saved?

    So my initial theory for how Aqua will be saved is that she'll one day get out of the Realm of Darkness. Then she like the rest of the Organization she'll just torture Sora and others. Now if we remember in Dream Drop Distance, Sora was able to help Tron regain some of his memory after being...