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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - What VAs do you want to see return for KH3? Not trying to sound like a hater or anything, but I hope they replace the VA of Aqua and MX. I played BBS in Japanese first and I found Aqua's and MX voice sound perfect. But in the english one, I didn't get the...
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    Kingdom Hearts III official site

    That's right guys, the official site has been up. There isn't much to it, but the fact that it has been put up gives me a feeling that KH3 may not be that far off from hitting the stores (well in Japan at least). Here is the link to the site: KINGDOM HEARTS III | SQUARE ENIX A translation of...
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    Kingdom Hearts III releasing sooner than expected?

    Greetings fellow KH fans, I know we all have been REALLY excited within the past few days due to the teaser trailer of KH III. I, not even joking here, teared up a bit when I first saw the long awaited trailer. At the end of the trailer though, we saw the logos of the console that this epic...
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    Real-time cutscenes a la Kid Icarus: Uprising?

    So what does he mean by interactive cutscenes? Could it be like Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker? Because that would be a total badass! :DD Imagine using reaction commands to keep the cutscene going, that would be enjoyable.
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    Real-time cutscenes a la Kid Icarus: Uprising?

    In my opinion, 3D cutscenes are gonna be more like the way you see the interactive cutscenes in Batman Arkham Asylum. Or if you watch the 2011 trailer of FF13 versus, you can see Noctis moving around while a cutscene was going on.
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    Birth by Sleep MF Fight Music - "Dark Impetus"

    I still have a feeling that MF will play an important role in KH3D and/or KH3. I mean in KHFM you fight Xemnas, which Nomura put it in there just to give clues to people what KH2 was gonna be about. And then he puts Lingering Sentiment in KH2FM+ to give clues about what BBS was gonna be about...
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    How old is Sora gonna be in KH3D?

    I was thinking he'd be 16 by now, considering that Nomura won't keep him young when Haley Joel's voice has gotten deeper.
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    How old is Sora gonna be in KH3D?

    Ok we all know Sora starts at the age 14 in KH1 and in CoM/Re:CoM. And at the end of CoM, Sora had to sleep in that pod in order for Namine to piece back his memories. That sleep lasted for a year. Now we're onto KH2 and Sora is 15. Now when Sora receives that letter from Mickey, we all just...
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    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    Re: KH3D Demo Impressions the link worked for me and unfortunately no, there is no video. I just posted that link to show that that demo impression mentioned in Famitsu isn't fake, it's real.
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    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    Re: KH3D Demo Impressions Well I researched a little on this "demo impression" and it turns out to be right. The 3DS Buzz also confirmed this. Read Here: New Kingdom Hearts 3D Details
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    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    Re: KH3D Demo Impressions Well Tetsuya did say that there are two new characters that are gonna have a huge role to the plot and Sora. Those two characters names are censored tho, when it was mentioned in the interview.
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    KH HD Collection adjustments

    I know! That's why I'm saying I would love to play Re:CoM without the card battle system :)
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    KH HD Collection adjustments

    I meant make Re:CoM with KH2 fighting style.
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    KH HD Collection adjustments

    I love the card system in Re:CoM but in my opinion, i think they shud remake Re:CoM into a normal kingdom hearts fighting style. I think that wud be MORE enjoyable.
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    Sora's parents

    Have you guys ever wondered about Sora's parents?? I mean they do get mentioned in BBS when Terra talks to little Riku, Sora says that they were waiting for his dad to come and pick them up but they never show him. Also in KH1, after you finish Kairi's errands and before the storm, there is a...
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    BBS Final Mix cover art. (Warning: probly promo material)

    yes, definitely a render i mean, who would put the price on the cover haha but it still looks good anyways :)
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    Is Re: Coded important to the storyline?

    the game is about trying to find out wat jiminy's journal says and according to the secret message, i think it has to do with saving TAV
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    Trouble with Terra's Final Boss

    well i beat him in level 34 on proud mode...well anyways its simple, reflect back his dark orbs with square and that shud do jus damage to him another thing is make sure u have counter hammer equiped and have sonic shadow as ur shootlock wat i did was i kept using counter hammer when he came...
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    Ultima Weapon in Birth By Sleep?

    yes there is an ultima weapon haha but i dnt think there was in Days :\ i cud be wrong tho
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    LEVEL score + Kingdom Hearts Cover

    i dnt care if they rated it 8/10, to me every kh game is 11/10!! :P