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    so wait bbsv2 isnt our mystery game

    No, I'm gonna go with metrifyx on this one and say you definitely misread that. It's saying Birth by Sleep -Volume Two- is the mystery game.
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    My weird MF strategy.

    Thanks! But, I don't have an Aqua video sorry...
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    My weird MF strategy.

    Yep :) Funny thing was I didn't actually realize that I had done it with no damage until someone pointed it out in the comments xD But yeah...works pretty well for Ven and Aqua (with some practice and a little bit of luck), but no dice for Terra since he can't use Sky Climber :\
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    My weird MF strategy.

    If you're looking for a different way to beat MF, might I recommend the following? YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Mysterious Figure Sky Climber Strategy - No Damage [LQ]
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    Does Terra ever learn to glide? Jump? Anything?

    Terra gets Sonic Impact, kind of like a slide after the (air)slide that actually inflicts damage on enemies.
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    Terranort in RoD

    All MX planned on was stealing Terra's body, and then restarting the Keyblade War. Why would any part of this plan involve faking a memory loss? Don't say to be Ansem's apprentice, there was no reason for him to want to be Ansem's apprentice.
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    Riku's Ability

    That's why his Keyblade went to Sora in KH1
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    Command style changes...

    Was it? My bad then, woops v.v
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    I don't get this...

    They're using the Trinity Limit move together (this is the same one you can buy in Mirage Arena for 1400 medals for use in multi-player). Although, the reaction command says "Dual Limit" in the video because there's only 2 of them performing the move. Yeah, something like that... Nomura never...
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    Command style changes...

    I think they changed Ice Blast because they wanted one of Aqua's LV 5 finisher moves to have that name. The rest? I dunno... =\
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    Riku's Ability

    Terra preformed the rite of succession on Riku when he was 5, but that doesn't immediately give him a Keyblade. Nomura explained it in an interview somewhere... basically all it did was greatly increase the likelihood that a Keyblade would one day go to him, provided he still had a strong heart...
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    Command style changes...

    I think this is all of them: Firestorm was Fire Blazer Fever Pitch was Speed Rave Spell Weaver was Magic Wish Critical Impact was Fatal Mode Sky Climber was Air Rider Frozen Fortune was Ice Blast
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    Alternate MF Strategy (No Surges!)

    Hey thanks for all the positive feedback ^^ Sadly, this isn't the case... In my video in the original post the 4th and 5th time I used the Sky Climber finisher he was invisible. They both didn't have a target and immediately went to the "finisher" part of the finisher, the 4th one almost...
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    Alternate MF Strategy (No Surges!)

    I posted this on GameFAQs, just gonna copy and paste it here for anyone who's interested: And here's a very low quality video of the strategy in action (sound is unsynched and video randomly speeds up in places, sorry): QiQA8WFdxSw
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    Break time and EXP walker

    Surprisingly, you can't. If you want another one you have to put together Renewal Block/Barrier with a Curaga and then you have a 10% chance of it making Break Time.
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    List your BBS screw ups, or moments of pure blank mindedness.

    The first time I played Terra's story (JAP version) I didn't realize that when melding commands you should add crystals so that you can get abilities. I went through the entire game with only the scan ability... >_>
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    Tron stage in MA?

    It's actually a Mirage Arena stage that's based off of a portion of Disney Town, believe it or not.
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    BBS Ultimania: Co-director & Co-Producer Interview - Translated by Heartstation

    Yeah... you were right about the massive grinding... I now am the proud owner of a level 40 Aqua who knows Trinity Limit before the Trinity Armor fight. s1naruto And yes... I've now confirmed for my own satisfaction that they do indeed join in the Trinity Limit if you use it... although if...
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    BBS Ultimania: Co-director & Co-Producer Interview - Translated by Heartstation

    That's an interesting tidbit about Trinity Limit against the Trinity Armor... I kinda wanna start a new file just to try it out. Thanks for posting this
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    Roxas being confirmed to be a Nobody doesn't mean he cannot have a heart. A Nobody is just the shell left behind when someone becomes a heartless. You throw (part of?) a heart into the shell, it's still a shell. There's just a heart in there. Also, Xemnas is the Nobody of a (fused) keyblade...