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    Nomura said they were different. If Nomura said so, then that is the most reliable hint we have right now. He may be BSing, he may be not. But it's more reliable than theories from people who AREN'T Nomura.
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    Is BBS too easy?

    I don't know why, but whenever I hear "my friend has a copy" and I see the age is 15, I get suspiscious. Don't know a lot of teenagers who import copies of games.
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    Is BBS too easy?

    I'm so confused. So did TheSpoiler lose the argument? I'm too mesmerized with Aqua's tits to realize what's happening.
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    Is BBS too easy?

    ...judging by the NBA game I watched, beating the Cavaliers would be very easy, see how this could be done mostly dribbling and then shooting the ball.
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    (Spoilers) Reconnect? Coded?......

    i'm just spitballing here, but how does the Secret Ending "recap" BBs if it ends with Sora going off on another adventure? And Reconnect is just as much of a name as Coded, 358/2 days, and Birth By Sleep.
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    anyone worried that the NA voice acting might suck?

    What's with the Alyson Stoner hate? I thought she was pretty damn good in Days (haven't seen her work in Re:Com yet though). If Hayden returns t voice Kairi for the secret ending, I'll be really ecstatic. I think you're over reacting.
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    Secret Boss Defeated (Spoiler hungry)

    Anyone notice that while Terra's LS could talk, Vanitas's doesn't. Maybe that's enough crypticness for us to try to decipher.
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    the secret boss is stronger than the lingering sentiment....?

    Yeah, I guess you're right!
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    Secret Boss Defeated (Spoiler hungry)

    Goign back through all of the missions slicing through the bosses like bread. Trust me, whenever I get a one shot kill gun in FPS games, even though I've beaten the game thoroughly, it's fun to just go back to missions that were tough as nails before, and be badass towards them.
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    Something that surprises me

    I too would like to see them return in a further installment. Maybe part of Reconnect. will be to defeat each Org Member's heartless to return their sombodies.
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    the secret boss is stronger than the lingering sentiment....?

    I think what Nomura meant was that it'd be harder to figure out how to beat Vanitas LS than him actually being hard.
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    anyone worried that the NA voice acting might suck?

    I liked the VA for 358/2 days. Only thing that was cringe inducing were the laughs. Oh goodness, the laughs. So awkward and forced. My goodness.
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    Secret Boss Defeated (Spoiler hungry)

    What I'm saying is that in the same game file, the player should beat him with w/ Aqua, Terra, AND Ven. I'm thinking after you use all three you'll get something more like a scene or a kickass keyblade.
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    Secret Boss Defeated (Spoiler hungry)

    Like I said in the other thread, I'd like it if anyone tried to defeat him with Ven and Terra also, maybe having him defeated by all three will unlock something!
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    Secret Boss Damaged! (spoilers)

    I'm just spitballin here, but maybe you need to beat with him with Ven and Terra too to get something really cool.
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    roxas and ven at c.o

    Sora is a different entity seperate of Ven as I understand it. Think of it like two roomates (that live in sora's heart :/ )The way I understood it was part of Ven went into Roxas (hence why Roxas looks like Ven) so it's logical why he'd be affected by Ven more. But it's more likely roxas...
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    Ain't it just CUTE??

    Have we ever seen Ienzo smile? I'm pretty sure he killed his parents. He's cute. Too cute.
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    A different ending?

    It would be cool since the Japanese (already getting the Secret Ending) would want more info. Thus, adding more to the secret ending would not only satisfy the NA audience, but the Japanese too!
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    (Spoilers) Silver Headed Male

    Is anyone else having flashbacks to when we saw Roxas as BHK? Now we have SHM? :P
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    *spoilers?* Birth by Sleep Intro (Proposed) English Version

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Opening (English) Above is a link to an fan english version of the Birth by Sleep intro. The only change is the song lyrics that have been translated, which I'm surprised about. Anyone know how the guy replaced the Japanese parts of the songs with...