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  1. Divine Past

    Should Kingdom Hearts Explore DATING/RELATIONSHIPS?

    Unless the end game is babies/kids I just don't see what is added by making people an official couple. Sora basically loves everyone already so I'll just believe he is dating all of his friends.
  2. Divine Past

    Favorite Moments from Kingdom Hearts III?

    Sora and Rapunzel in general.
  3. Divine Past

    Is KH3 A Good Game?

    There was only 1 point in the game that I wanted to quit forever (the pirate ship race vs Luxord) but other than that the game was good. I may not like the ending but I genuinely enjoy playing the majority of the game and I even limited myself so I did not finish within a day or 2.
  4. Divine Past

    Who agrees that VA Axel / Lea have a good voice?))

    He was really good in the Axel/Xion fight sequence in front of the gates.
  5. Divine Past

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Ah you are probably right I have not played that section of the game in 7 months so I don't remember all the details. What I did recall was Terranort taking care of business by himself until the demon wave came into. I even forgot that it was vani+terranort in the tag fight and that is why I was...
  6. Divine Past

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Terranort should have been the final boss of kh3. MX admit that his body was already old so I imagine he was not in prime shape. Not to mention Sora/MX have had about 2 minutes of conversation before they fought. Terranort actually kicked everyone's ass at the KG in the game and I feel he was...
  7. Divine Past

    Why has Sora's hair changed?

    I wonder if Sora ever wonders why don't Donald and Goofy ever grow.
  8. Divine Past

    KH Storytelling After Xehanort Saga

    Bringing back characters also means if Nomura wants to have hero characters (Roxas/Terra whoever) die a tragic death in the future no one will actually believe they are gone forever. The question is just going to be ok how will they be brought back and when. So Nomura can't really go back to the...
  9. Divine Past

    KH Storytelling After Xehanort Saga

    I think one of Nomura's biggest mistake was not using DDD/.2 and maybe even Coded to move some of the major plot points of KH3 so it becomes easier to write. Like they could have had Kairi's training and gameplay happen during DDD so Nomura can get it out of his system. Aqua recovering could...
  10. Divine Past

    KH Storytelling After Xehanort Saga

    I think an important step will be giving non-Sora character important tasks and have then actually do it without Sora's help. This was not more evident than when Riku&Mickey spend like 60% of the game looking for Aqua and failed to save her while Sora just decided I am going to save her and...
  11. Divine Past

    Status of the X Blade post KH3

    I think there are some good ideas. One of my biggest complaints is that not all the darknesses had keyblades! Like this is supposed to be a keyblade war and Luxord is messing around with his cards. At least if some of the geeks in the darkness group acquired a keyblade then maybe you can say...
  12. Divine Past

    Status of the X Blade post KH3

    A bit off-topic but I always felt that 7 lights versus 13 darkness were way too many people to really build a dramatic fight. It just felt on the darkness side, especially you are just putting some fillers to make up the numbers. I know Nomura likes his number symbolism and all but it just felt...
  13. Divine Past

    Why is DDD so loathed and hated?

    Well after beating the game I had and still have 0 interest in replaying the game. I just felt a lot of the Disney worlds felt like a blur (I remember 0 things about the Musketeer world and very little of Prankster Paradise ) and one of the Disney worlds was the awfulness that was Tron. The...
  14. Divine Past

    Possibilities of Riku's Suggestion to Sora

    Well if you just look at how the non-Sora heros acted in the game I don't think they can tie their own shoes without falling over themselves....... I am not sure what the plan could have been but I just assumed it was going to be for Sora to rest and then go as a team to save Kairi. But @Face...
  15. Divine Past

    It's Been Long Enough: Which Song/Video Do You Prefer?

    In terms of just music Hikari/Simple & Clean but it's close. I don't remember a lot about the end theme so I guess I will just go KH1 Intro Video I pick KH3. I really like the chess stuff at least in this scenario. Also I loved the Kairi/Sora stuff in the opening. I always said if you just...
  16. Divine Past

    Why didn't Aqua use magic in the Dark World?

    Yup I always found it a weakness in the KH game that we rarely get any interesting cutscene fights. I am not expecting some DBZ style animations but just seeing more 3-5 minute fight sequences can at least show us what character can actually do. Like I know Sora can cast high level magic but if...
  17. Divine Past

    Are there other keyblade wielders besides the heroes we know?

    I imagine so. Now the question is if Xehanort or one of his clones can sense whether there are more random joes with a key nearby in another world. That poor sap though has probably been killing heartless for 3 years wondering what the hell are these things.
  18. Divine Past

    Let's discuss comedy, self-awareness and the fourth wall in KH3.

    I guess I am in the minority in really disliking what they did to Vanitas in Monster inc. I did not really like Axel's comedy that much during the keyblade graveyard. I can appreciate trying to lighten the mood but this is supposed to be the battle of their lives so I would have been happy with...
  19. Divine Past

    The Future of Xion

    To me the issue is the game is almost always going to be Sora focused. So the screen time for the other heroes is mostly going to be limited. I think for Roxas and Xion they will mostly stay at Twilight Town and maybe do some investigation on the abandon mansion. That seems like a way for Nomura...
  20. Divine Past

    The Caribbean and San Fransokyo Break the Traditional KH World Mold

    I can appreciate that big hero 6 was their first try at big city so there might be some trial & error there. I think I would have wanted some different rooms areas rather than just one big town. But there were some cool parts like the train system and there was a fun novelty of running up a huge...