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    I guess this is where I should put these? It's digital/traditional art. Used my Wacom to draw the pics in Paint (to use the spray can tool >.>), put them in Photoshop for the patterns (which I can't for the life of me remember where I got). - Creds to whoever made them? I'm planning on using...
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    Kaya Scodelario

    is a fucking goddess. Heh, I haven't done this in a looong time. But yeah, it's the current sig. Link is here, just in case. v.2 Comments and criticism would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks.
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    Electric Sheep

    So I recently downloaded the Electric Sheep screensaver, and I've got to say it is by far the most beautiful, and intelligent screen saver I've ever had or seen. It's kind of hypnotic watching it sometimes. And as far as I know, it works for Macs and all versions of Windows. Another cool feature...
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    So like...

    My FCKBUDDY (VANDREAD) said I should totally make a thread declaring my return. So, I did, right? And now I'm like totally here making this wicked sick thread. And yeah, it's like awesome, man... Cause I'm like back on KHI, y'know? btw, I'm not really a stoner. :P And, hey KHI. Long time, no see.
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    Favorite Record Labels?

    Mine is probably Drive-Thru Records. A lot of my favorite bands and artists came from it (Dave Melillo, Allister, etc.), and I generally tend to like whatever they put into the music world. So, anyone else have a favorite record label?
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    I'm back!!

    Ah, KHI how I've missed you... For those who don't know, for the last few months my internet hasn't been so cooperative... Luckily, it's fully functioning now and I plan on keeping it that way. So, it's good to be back. I missed you guys! (Ah, and if you don't know/remember me, it's good to...
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    ~*!!Happy Birthday Mura!!*~

    That's right, it's officially Murasame's 17th birthday (Or at least it is where I live XD). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have an awesome one Mura!
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    The Little Mermaid III

    On the Little Mermaid Special Edition DVD, there was a trailer for yet another sequel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSmPsnQ4uGI Thoughts? Comments?
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    Ansem Retort

    Ditto. That's my favorite also.
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    Question About Hell

    I'm not really religious, so I guess I'm inviting anyone who believes strongly in this kind of stuff to answer. It says in the Bible that commiting suicide is pretty much a one way ticket to hell. But, that person couldn't help it if their situation lead them to have suicidal thoughts. If it's...
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    Childhood Books

    What books did you read or your parents read to you when you were young (6 and under)? My favorite book that my parents read to me when I was about 2 years old, was The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss. And, when I started reading myself at around 5 years old, Winnie-the-Pooh.
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    Favorite Boy and Girl Names

    Me and some friends at school started talking about this in class a few days back, and I thought 'Hey, why not let my buds at KHI in on the conversation too?' So basically, put what your favorite boy name and your favorite girl name is. For boys I like Milo. And for girls I like Molly. Hm... I...
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    Da Capo

    Has anyone else watched this anime, or read the manga? It's about a guy named Junichi Asakura who lives with his adoptive sister Nemu in the crescent-shaped island of Hatsune Jima, a place where cherry blossoms bloom throughout the year. In this island, people have mysterious powers and...
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    Plain White T's

    Has anyone else heard of them? Nobody at my school has, so I figured at least a few people on the forums might have. They have three albums out right now; Hey There Delilah, All That We Needed, and Stop. And their upcoming album Every Second Counts is set to release in September. I'm really...
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    Favorite minor character?

    my favorite minor character is olette, because i really liked her voice acting. i also like roo and raijin (rai).
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    Faviorite drive form(yes another poll)

    o i kinda think anti-form is cool too... they should have put that on the poll
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    Faviorite drive form(yes another poll)

    i voted for valor. the way i like to play mainly focuses on big-booty-whuppin attacks so it was between valor and master... yea i like red better :b