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  1. HoovGamer

    3DS XL released and KH3D

    kh3D is very good on the xl the only complaint i have is that its a little tricky to get the 3d perfect
  2. HoovGamer

    3DS XL- your thoughts

    I am going to get the new 3ds xl when it releases on aug 19 and would like to here all of your thoughts, ideas, etc. on the new handheld
  3. HoovGamer

    Random things you noticed...

    Has anyone else noticed this?
  4. HoovGamer

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    No its just gonna be braig there, xehanort is just like a special case :D
  5. HoovGamer

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    What is the big deal if kairi is the 7th light? what's everone complaining about this for?
  6. HoovGamer

    What if...

    I dont think thats very likely to happen
  7. HoovGamer

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Re: Dream Eater Glitch? well with all these glitches i can see a KH3DFM or a patch coming
  8. HoovGamer

    Potential DLC you can see

    That's an awesome idea for the classic bosses!
  9. HoovGamer

    Did anyone else notice...

    Really XD i'll have to check that out
  10. HoovGamer

    Did anyone else notice...

    Since were talking about mistakes has anyone ever noticed that in BBS that there are 2 kairis? XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_XDrIkRjOc Skip to about 2:27
  11. HoovGamer

    Did anyone else notice...

    LOL never noticed this and i am playin kh2 as we speak
  12. HoovGamer

    Riku is amazing in this game!

    yeah, I think riku has improved as a character since kh1
  13. HoovGamer

    What are some good grinding spots in BBSFM

    Thanks for that i'll have to try this :D
  14. HoovGamer

    Proud mode tips?

    Yeah, the only reason i'd put him on my team is for leaf bracer
  15. HoovGamer

    Proud mode tips?

    i would'nt stick with komory bat and meow wow for the whole game i'd train them and switch them out :)
  16. HoovGamer

    KH3D AR cards question

    Yeah, im pretty sure they're reigon locked
  17. HoovGamer

    KH3D AR cards question

    cool i hope to get meowjesty when i get my game:D
  18. HoovGamer

    KH3D AR cards question

    no they're probably region locked P.s have you scanned these yet
  19. HoovGamer

    MoM prpblem

    That stinks XD hope you get your Frootz Cat :)
  20. HoovGamer

    Getting ready for KH3D.

    I have to wait until My birthday on august 6 to get kh3d then wait until august 19 to get my 3ds XL :(