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  1. Jozi

    Help/Support ► tell me i'm not being unreasonable

    Don't be sorry, he's the one who's bitchin about common courtesy.
  2. Jozi

    Avatar - Mass Effect - OR Original

    Warning: Spoilers for Mass Effect & Korra Because of Korra's season finale, and the new extended cut DLC; I've had my mind wrapped around those two series for awhile now. But seeing how Korra season 2 won't be out for another year, and Mass Effect won't have another single-player DLC for...
  3. Jozi

    Help/Support ► E-Mail's f***ed up

    Yeah, 'decided to just switch to Yahoo. I hope I don't lose the six years worth of memberships bound to my old account.
  4. Jozi

    Help/Support ► E-Mail's f***ed up

    Well after looking into it some more, it seems as though they changed the site a bit. Before it was: Enter your Email Address. But now it's: "Username." I have no idea what Username I have, and I can't get my password because you need a Username. To find a Username you have to put all of your...
  5. Jozi

    Help/Support ► E-Mail's f***ed up

    So I went to sign in to my email at Charter. Typing the same User Name/Password that I have been using the past six years. But for some magically unknown reason it's not letting me sign in. I'm pretty freaking angry right now, and Charter basically has no online help service stuff... Any advice?
  6. Jozi

    Help/Support ► What to do KHI? :(

    Does your mother have any family, or friends that she can get aide from? The best choice would be whatever effects you in the most positive way. Yet, leaving a bipolar person on antidepressant isn't the best idea. So maybe, you can get her to move to a friends or family's house. Then if you...
  7. Jozi

    yay for me

    Lol, I was actually planning on leaving on my 999th post. 'Guess that's not going to happen. For some strange reason: I feel more passionate about KHI now. I may actually post in the RP section:tongue:(breaking my no post streak).
  8. Jozi

    You've had to see this coming.

    Deus-Ex? You know you wanna :tongue: Of course; I need to complete the game first before I try creating any ideas. Though I think it will either take place during the Nano era, or in between the Biomechanical & Nano era. So yeah, would anybody vouch to this/collaborate? P.S: Does anybody...
  9. Jozi

    Coincidence.... I THINK NOT!

    Okay. I was reading an IGN article on messed up babies in Skyrim. Where I came across this picture: Seems like a comical picture.... but here is a Dragicorn picture I uploaded around a year [and maybe a half] back: Oh, and by the way. That guitar is a Dean Custom Zone, I bought the nuclear...
  10. Jozi

    Blue or Green?

    Seeing how I haven't used Gimp since forever. I have decided to do something simple... Color! I didn't have any real trouble with it. But I can't decide which color is better for the hoodie. So which do you think is better? Also, if you want to critique/flame it, go ahead.
  11. Jozi

    Help/Support ► F-cking Injustice

    NO, most small-time vigilantes end up dying in some sad pathetic way. Don't try to move on either if this is really urking you. What you can do is talk to both the Police Station/Town Council, and try to get officers at various locations.
  12. Jozi

    rearranging Kingdom Hearts

    Minks go dearth? Sound legit. Minks= A species of mammals that are slowly becoming extinct. Go= To head towards. Dearth= A lack of. In the next KH Saga Sora & Friends must save the endangered Minks...
  13. Jozi

    Air Gear: Uprising [Sign-Up/OOC]

    ^Click Icon for Theme^ We Are Genesis Since the birth of modern Humans, Man has wanted to fly, to touch the sky, to be one with the atmosphere. But the Human race has been cursed by Gravity... Until now... Air Treck as they are called: Are motor powered devices that are similar to Roller...
  14. Jozi

    RP: One that centers around the manga Air Gear.

    So yeah, I don't know if this will be an AU or not. But I do know that I would like to make the people of America oppressed with the twist of giving the American Windstorm G-Men ten foot Mecha's. With a band of oppressed Americans using AT's to revolt against the Wind G-Men. As known in the...
  15. Jozi

    Help/Support ► Total Depression....

    I would like to thank everyone who helped me out (some not so much, though I know you mean well & I appreciate it). A few days ago, with the advice, I was able to relieve myself of the depression. I've moved on, literally. What I didn't mention (which I really should have) was that I was...
  16. Jozi

    Help/Support ► Total Depression....

    Recently, I've been really depressed. For the past week & a half I have been holding in tears. Though the reason for this depression isn't of the usual, it's not caused by the social, economic, or physical aspects that others find themselves suffering from. It's spiritual... I've always...
  17. Jozi

    Mass Effect or....

    So I have the Mass Effect RP all set up, & it can be posted whenever. Though recently I have a craving for a creatures RP. Basically: The creature rp would be a combination of Pokemon, Digimon, GhostX, & S-Cry-eD (if you don't know what any of these are just google them). So yeah... Anybody up...
  18. Jozi

    Help/Support ► I need help finding out whether this website is fake or not

    I'm 99% sure that the website is real: just go to this page for the warranty/shipping information.
  19. Jozi

    Ass Erect RP Pre-Determining Collaboration Thread

    (Sorry for the misconceiving title) So I just finished Mass Effect 2... again: I wanted to experience each ending for myself. And after seeing both endings I think both are fine for a follow-up RP. Then again, I could instead make a prequel (a prequel would lead to less assumptions). Or a...
  20. Jozi

    This site needs a Mass Effect RP!

    So last week I completed the first Mass Effect, & since then I've been playing its sequel non-stop. Thus causing me to be in this big fanatic blunder of Mass Effect... It's almost twelve & I'm really tired. So I don't think I can come up with anything good for a story. Though it would probably...