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  1. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Finals in Progress

    Here's just a quick update of 2 of my final projects for my Anatomy & Alternative Mediums classes.
  2. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Danse Macbre W.I.P

    Albeit this isn't what I'm gonna call this piece, it's just a place holder for now and I needed something to call the thread. Any who here's a bit of an update on my final project for Alternative Mediums. My professor said to get personal and do what makes us who we are essentially with the only...
  3. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Distrubia (A Work In Progress)

    One of my final pieces for Alternative Mediums class. My first painting using oils, that said I'm rather noobish at painting as well, but I'm learning. I love details so it kinda keeps me from looking completely shitty when I use a new medium.
  4. ╬ProperArtist╬


    But seriously, what's up everybody it's been quite a long time since I've posted any art here and what with quiteMAD posting some of his newer additions I figured I'd do the same. Here's just a couple of things I've been doing from class and otherwise personal works. An Acrylic portrait of a...
  5. ╬ProperArtist╬

    It's been quite a while

    But I'm back now "Movie Poster project for Photoshop. To be quite honest I never liked using water colors but for some reason having a Kid Cudi "Man on the Moon" influence with this I couldn't help myself. I rather liked the idea of staying with blues & purples for myself and fade into black...
  6. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Critical mode gameplay...

    Yeah been doing Critical mode myself and boy I've been getting my ass handed to me, I don't wanna imagine what lvl 1 CM in this game is like. Thankfully all my dream eaters carried over from Proud so no more having to remake them all, same with my abilities too. I've seen Dark Aura & Meteor...
  7. ╬ProperArtist╬

    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    Really I got the Cosmos Black for 198 and the game for 69 new. With shipping it came out to 315 for me after tax.
  8. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Happy Birthday to...

    MEEEEE Yeap I'm 22 today, weird cause it doesn't feel like that long :(
  9. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Secret Bosses

    I've beaten all of them, but some of the levels I don't necessarily remember but I do have videos of my ordeals. KHFM Sephiroth YouTube - KHFM: Sephiroth lvl 61 Kurt Zisa YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Proud Mode: Kurt Zisa pt.1 YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Proud Mode: Kurt Zisa pt.2...
  10. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Goodbye Piercings!

    This is a picture of my friend Jessica, so far at least. She said I could draw her if I let her name it and that I did (hits the title). What you see now is about 2 hours of work I did whilst at the Art Festival and I must say I like the way it's coming along so far. I hope to have it done by...
  11. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Happy Birthday Evangeline :D

    Here's to 19 years of Awesomeness! Happy Bday BayBah
  12. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Duality: Ain't No Grave

    (W.I.P) Just a quick work in progress of a piece I'm putting into the Art Festival I'm in come Saturday. I've always liked the idea of being face to face with your own mortality, because no matter how much you try to escape it or ignore it, it's going to always be apart of you. Not just you but...
  13. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Man VS Zeke (W.I.P)

    A quick Work in Progress of Man vs Zeke from ManvsGame. Hopefully I'll be done with this soon and it kinda sucks the scanner cut off some of the picture. Meh oh well I'll have it finished soon "with any luck" This is by far one of the most difficult pieces I've worked on, I'm not entirely sure...
  14. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Help/Support ► Helping making a Website w/ Vbulletin

    I got a guy on JTV who's wanting to make a website. Only problem is he doesn't know anyone who knows how to use VBulletin and he himself isn't very good with it. He is willing to pay you for a job well done so money shouldn't be an issue. Since this place is pretty much based off Vbulletin I...
  15. ╬ProperArtist╬

    In Reference To Mary Cassatt

    Rough Draft of my final piece for Modern Art History. Lillie asked us to do a piece in the style/reference of an artist we touched on during the course of the semester. I chose Mary Cassatt's Reading Le Figaro. (Portrait of the Artist's Mother). 1878. Oil on canvas. Private collection...
  16. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Would Any One Like To Contribute to my Mysterious Figure Video Guide?

    If you need my vids I have of me beating him with all 3 characters. Or I could stream the fights on Jtv and let him kill me and show how to evade each move? Of course it'd be a long video if I'm going to do that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovQtgn2UQXs <Aqua...
  17. ╬ProperArtist╬

    Would Any One Like To Contribute to my Mysterious Figure Video Guide?

    I could commentate that battle if need be. MF's honestly not that difficult at all, but I guess I could see how some could see it that way.
  18. ╬ProperArtist╬


    This is just a really quick rough sketch of what's to come. It's very personal for me as you can see, because I'm using myself as the model for this one (as well as 3 - 4 others). Once I've added more detail to it you'll be able to see some voodoo skeleton paint showing through on my body as...
  19. ╬ProperArtist╬

    LVL 1 CM Terra

    Personally I just go all through the level from the Castle Gates areas outside Cinderella's house to the dance room in the Castle (where you fought Symphony Master).
  20. ╬ProperArtist╬

    LVL 1 CM Terra

    Experiment 626 has Double CP attached when you level him up completely. This makes leveling up commands very easy (the most ideal place to do this being Castle of Dreams).