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    hey. Is anybody here good at yo-yoing? Thats actually good? That can do a decent trick? or professionally? I am.
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    Help w/ Vexen...

    use fire fira and firaga and level up
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    The Official KH2 Sephiroth Thread

    sry, but i dont have a ps2, never had one, but i did it on my cousins ps2 and got him down to 3 health bars left or somethin.
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    Roxas limit break

    his limit break is shown on the site, its where he flies around really fast hitting heartless, but how can he have 2 limit breaks?
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    People in your school, neigherhood, etc

    okay, in your school, neigherhood, and other places like that, is there a lot of people that know and like kingdom hearts?
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    Am I Alone on This?

    COM is pretty good i like the game. but its kinda lika a while-youre-wating-for-kh2 kinda game other than that its good but at the end and beginning i hate the no voicess thing but i liked how it was awesome graphics in those cutscenes. im talking about the one for GBA
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    obsessed with kh?

    YouTube - You've Played Kingdom Hearts TOO Much When... does anyone find this mean? i dont. what are your thoughts, people?
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    Level at Destiny Islands

    me too i was on like level 4 or 3 one of the really low, i liked training on wakka. but i didnt really play kh1(not really 2,sorta)
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    i got it! (nobody theory)

    you mean, when he died, when he fired that ray at kingdom hearts and said something about being wrong about many things.
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    i got it! (nobody theory)

    ok, roxas is a different nobody right? Namine too. i have a theory, roxas was born when sora turned heartless. but kairi changed him back. so when he changed back, roxas sorta changed. and namine too. i know namine isnt kairis nobody, but it could happen with them too. kairi got her heart...
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    im confused kh3

    (sorry if someone already put this) ok, every one keeps on talking about a kh3, but are they just talking about BBS or days or coded?
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    zexion(and others) gameplay?

    ok, i am officially confused. How will you be able to play as as zexion?? will you swing a book? and what about everyone else( except the obvious like axel xion, or roxas)
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    Who are you going to play in 358/2 Days

    BURN!!!! axel of course, but ill probably change my mind
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    swing speed

    ok, we know something that very much differs from kh1 and kh2 is the swing speed of the keyblade, right? kh1 is kinda slow, com is kinda the same, and kh2 is fast(like in drive forms). but what about days and bbs ans coded? its kinda obvious that BBs is fast, we saw the videos, but what about days?
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    tifa, cloud, aerith, zack.

    oh, i thought that thats what you meant
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    tifa, cloud, aerith, zack.

    yeah, it would be good, maybe he would add to the storyline, like everyone would be jealous of him
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    tifa, cloud, aerith, zack.

    why, it would be an extra fighting partner, people would make hacked fights(thats really not important), and a friend