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  1. Holy Zero XII

    Fanfiction ► RE: Crystal Fate

    Re: Crystal Fate doesn't onee-chan mean sister, Sis? *hugs u* I sorry. You not old! :D but me ish about to be 16... and u forgot me 15's birthday... Me feelz oldish.
  2. Holy Zero XII

    Fanfiction ► RE: Crystal Fate

    Re: Crystal Fate I Know OneChan but if i don't worry about you what kind of brother would I be? ^.^
  3. Holy Zero XII

    Fanfiction ► RE: Crystal Fate

    Re: Crystal Fate *claps* You've outdone yourself Sis. I'm that was great. I'm also glad you started to write again but... just make sure there's enough time for ur hw and enough time to sleep. Okay?
  4. Holy Zero XII

    Fanfiction ► Crystal Fate

    ok i just got done reading every single chapter and all i can say is.... AWSOME!!! I love it karen :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  5. Holy Zero XII

    Help/Support ► RAPE!!!!!!!!

    Everyone. Everyone! their's no more reason to talk about this anymore. so lets drop this ok...
  6. Holy Zero XII

    Help/Support ► RAPE!!!!!!!!

    i see there are SOME people who have hearts. I'm sry to say the only advice i can give u is tell someone u can trust like ur teachers,police, or ur parents. I wish i can do more for u but i can't.
  7. Holy Zero XII

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2

    HEARTZ!!!!! *hugs heartz* UR ONLINE YAY!!!!! *sob* me missed u....
  8. Holy Zero XII

    Favourite Boss?

    my favouraite boss huh?....hmmm i say.... When u fight axel as roxas (the second time) , scar, hades ( when auron gets will back in hades cup )
  9. Holy Zero XII

    Megaman fanclub (any series)

    YO this the Megaman fanclub u can talk about Any megaman series.....this my first time on starting a fanclub hope u like... Member list: Holy Zero XII shadow_heartless Ramen Foreverkingdom Eliza dragoon979 DarkeningRebirth staulmaster AllStargamer ChocobofanX kingdomkeylight R0ad H0g
  10. Holy Zero XII

    Which one again

    i REALLY don't riku..........and thats true..... darn it...i forgot to spell "like"....my bad...
  11. Holy Zero XII

    Which one again

    three word answer......ROXAS, OWNS ALL!!!!!!!.....
  12. Holy Zero XII

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom hearts Infinities

    what nelo said and i think its cooool...........................
  13. Holy Zero XII

    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    ANYONE WHO USES GIUDES ARE IDIOTS, THAT OR LAZY PEOPLE!!!!!I've beaten KH2 so many time i lost count seriously!!!......
  14. Holy Zero XII

    Dot Hack Gu help

    Hey guys.help me out will ya plz. i met a droppletganer or whatever there called today. how do u defeat them and how do u find them. plz help.
  15. Holy Zero XII

    Help/Support ► I'm new and need help!!!

    YO s'up I'm Holy Zero XII. I'm new here and i don't now much so anyone plz help me with stuff like RPG, and other stuff. One more thing Thanks heartz.