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  1. NumberVIII

    ^^^ The Lea and Isa BFF Fanclub! ^^^

    Welcome to... The Lea and Isa BFF Fanclub! "I know I won't forget you" For anybody who supports the adorable friendship between our two favorite Somebodies in Radient Garden. For Axel and Saix, back when they were two innocent kids living life to the fullest, side by side, before their...
  2. NumberVIII

    The Axel and Xion relationship

    I think this is exactly right. (although I still find it a little hard to buy their friendship. It just feels kinda forced, like they're only friends cause they have Roxas as a mutual friend.)
  3. NumberVIII

    ~~~THE OFFICIAL Legend of Zelda Fanclub~~~

    Welcome to... The Legend of Zelda Fanclub! Recreated with permission by The Dead Skin Founder NumberVIII Members The Dead Skin Vanitas97 Ryukashi17 Oe98 VirgilTheart UmbraTsuki Organization_42 Strawberry XxfallennobodyxX Gesso Haeralis Chevalier Sombre khlover7 chasespicer056 Shinra X-2...
  4. NumberVIII

    Lit ► The Young Wizards Series

    So I kind of have a feeling I'm gonna be alone here, but does anyone here read/used to read the Young Wizards Seires (So You Want to be a Wizard)? I just finished the most recent book, A Wizard of Mars, which was published only last April, and it was fantastic. I'd really love someone to discuss...
  5. NumberVIII

    Fanfiction ► Broken

    Eh, I'll think of something. And okay, thanks! ^^
  6. NumberVIII

    Fanfiction ► Broken

    Oh wow. There's lotsa good stuff in there that I didn't really think/know about. Like you have to put a space after an ellipsis? That's... that's so weird. I don't like it. But uh, if you say so. ^^ But yeah, your changes all make a lot more sense, now that I think about it. I know what deaf...
  7. NumberVIII

    ~*~The Zemyx Fanclub~*~

    ~*~The Zemyx Fanclub~*~ Reasons why we love Zemyx: 1. Because opposites attract. 2. Because they look adorable together. 3. They're different enough that they compliment each other, but not so opposite that they'd never get along. 4. Even though we don't see them interact in the games...
  8. NumberVIII

    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Hello there everybody. :) So, listen. This whole big thing's been going on and I wanted to talk to somebody outside of the situation, and I figured this would be a good place to do it. I'm straight myself, but this is about two of my friends. So, there are these two guys, I feel uncomfortable...
  9. NumberVIII

    Nomura on Days

    It's not even really new though cause they have a Pinnochio world already in the first one. If it was a world for, say, Pocahontas or something, something we've never seen before, then I'd want it. But I've always hated Pinnochio anyway.
  10. NumberVIII

    Nomura on Days

    Am I the only one who doesn't give a crap about no Pinnochio world? I hate Pinnochio. :| And guys don't misread it, he DIDN'T have Xion planned out during kh2. He just had the idea of a girl having to do with Roxas leaving. We already knew that. Also I'm glad he said Axel is his favorite...
  11. NumberVIII

    What level were you when you beat Xemnas?

    I beat him at like level 48 my first time through, and I didn't even think he was too hard. The only part that was tricky was the final stage, and I kept dying at the part when you have to be Riku for 5 seconds. x_x
  12. NumberVIII

    Over two?

    Did Axel see Roxas on the last day? I don't think he did. :/ The day Roxas left the organization wasn't the same day he battled Xion and Riku. Also, Axel was in C.O. for about 50 days...so they really didn't spend 358 days together...
  13. NumberVIII

    I wonder...

    In the kh1 final mix secret ending version of deep dive, when it starts counting down from 13 (which, I would imagine, represents Organization XIII), some of the numbers are roman numerals, and some are just regular numbers. I was wondering if they specifically made certain numbers roman...
  14. NumberVIII

    A little summary Please

    Aw, Ponnie! You beat me to it. D: That was a very good summary though, I must say. :3 Just curious, who/what is your fic about?
  15. NumberVIII

    Fanfiction ► Breakeven

    Thank you all three of you, I'm really glad you all read and enjoyed it despite not being fans of the pairing. I passed the compliments on to my sister, and she was very pleased. :)
  16. NumberVIII

    Fanfiction ► FanFiction.Net Profile Directory

    Re: Fanfiction.net account showing thread Me: xTheTwilightPrincessx - FanFiction.Net Anything that's not Kingdom Hearts is very old, very bad, and just plain embarrassing. Also, my wonderfully talented older sister: owlpostagain - FanFiction.Net
  17. NumberVIII

    Which organization member you like the most and the least (explain why)

    Xion is not a member of Organization XIII.
  18. NumberVIII

    Which organization member you like the most and the least (explain why)

    First of all, also not a good reason. I don't like Xion, but not because she sucked up all of the screentime and plot of days (which, she did). Sure, I resent her for that, but it's not the only reason I dislike her. And second of all the game is supposed to be about Roxas, and Axel is his best...
  19. NumberVIII

    Which organization member you like the most and the least (explain why)

    That's not a very good reason to dislike someone. :(
  20. NumberVIII

    Which organization member you like the most and the least (explain why)

    Ohhay, this is basically exactly what we do in the Organization XIII fanclub. Well, I never posted one there, so I might as well do it here. I'm gonna go in number order. Xemnas--Awesome villain. Gorgeous voice. Plus, he's beautiful. :3 Xigbar--Love him! He is just too funny. "Why do you...