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    Twlight Thorn

    darkthorn is a heartless YouTube - KH2 Shadow Stalker And Dark Thorn Boss Fight (English Proud) twilight thorn is a nobody YouTube - Kingdom Hearts II: Twilight Thorn Xemnas all the way, those black and white beams are the same. But Xemnas already has sorcerers right?
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    limited edition KH:GBA SP!

    And so did I, I bought it in Holland, like a year ago... I had to choose between a DS and this GBA SP+KH:CoM and of course I couldn't resist the power of KH:cool:
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    Wizard's Relic

    Okay, so here's the deal. I just can't get wizard's relic. I've been fighting them for hours in almost every world (right now I've killed more than 500 wizards). So my question is: Do you have to get it from wizards in hollow bastion or can you get it in any other world??? Please help, it's the...
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    names of roxas keyblades

    yeah, oathkeeper, the keychain you got from kairi in kh1
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    Am afraid to ask but...*lol* What's plan F??? *laughs while typing*
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    LOL Trust me, he WILL! But I don't think it will be thathard. He must have a weakness. Just like in KH1 there must be a hole in his motion. All you have to do is find it and he'll be easy. Don't forget that Sora can now seriously whoop behinds aswell( that just sounds wrong <_<) And as they...
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    Yeah, it was easy in KH1 :D I hope I can memorize all of his new moves in KH2 Not to mention the fact that his moves are much faster now:cool:
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    I Finnaly Get The Blindfold!!!

    I get it. But your WRONG! I'm sorry to tell you but it's because Riku is changing into Xehanort's heartless. Riku's eyes start to get orange just like Xehanort's so he hides them with the blindfold. At least, that's what I've read.
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    Me against Sephiroth??? hhmm...O_o *goes to hide himself in his room* XD No, seriously. I think he's gonna whoop my butt till eternity! That is, until I get the Ultima Key muhahaha *evil laugh*
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    Glowing Eye Unknown

    Are you talking to me? If so, I'm very sorry, even though I can't remember saying that. I never meant to make a big deal of it. It's just that because people keep posting here I feel obligated to reply. I'm kinda sick of this conversation now because it's been about this little detail for three...
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    the big white nobody

    Well, that sucks. Twilight Zone and Dark Side sounds much better than Twilight Thorn and Dark Side. Too bad they changed it:mad:
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    Glowing Eye Unknown

    No DUH!!! Like I didn't knew that:rolleyes: (or were you just fooling around?) :D Of course it's a concept of Roxas!!! Everybody knows that.
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    Glowing Eye Unknown

    Could be a rain drop, yes. But I don't see any other rain drops during the battle scene (but it could be because I'm watching a bad quality DD):(
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    i noticed something... (SPOILERS!!)

    Well, I never saw that O_o You have good eyes :D
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    Glowing Eye Unknown

    Wow, loads of posts O_o Anyway I don't know if someone edited the picture, that's why I'm asking people to check it in a HQ deep dive (since I don't have a HQ >_<). But I see that Zero_Sora checked it and he says the spot does seem to glow in the teaser... Of course we all know that it's Roxas...
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    Glowing Eye Unknown

    That's exactly what I'm trying to say. But in the way you explain it, it just sounds so much less vague than in my posts:( EDIT: BTW, has anyone checked if DWU eye is really glowing in that scene. I don't have a good quality DD >_>
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    Glowing Eye Unknown

    No, DWU eye is glowing! Not Roxas;) Nomura erased the glowing eye.
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    Glowing Eye Unknown

    Yes, that is my thought exactly. I know they deleted his glowing eye. My intention in this thread was to prove that GEU=DWU. There have been many assumptions on who GEU was in DD, so I decided to clear things up. Result: in DD DWU=GEU In KH2 the eye is deleted so the mystery remained somewhat...
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    Glowing Eye Unknown

    Yeah, notice the sarcasm in my post!!!
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    Glowing Eye Unknown

    So what you're trying to say is that in DD GEU is Xigbar, while in KH2 he is Roxas??? Interesting:rolleyes: And since DWU eye is glowing, he is Xigbar too?