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    Funny Pokemon video

    I was on myspace and someone posted a bulletin with this video in it. I watched and I thought it was pretty funny( And no, I dont watch pokemon) So watch this video and tell me what you guys think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfGjsuP6stg
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    best ps2 online shooter

    What do you guys think is the best ps2 online shooter? I need ideas so I can decide which shooter to buy.
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    Need help with ps2 online? click here

    ps2 online-NEED REPLIES PLEASE I need help setting up ps2 online. My current setup is: 1. ARRIS cable modem hooked up to the computer 2.Ps2 3.Ethernet cord 4.ps2 network adaptor What I do is try and setup a direct connection by taking the ethernet cord out from the back of my computer and...
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    How do you beat seproth

    :D I feel for you man, I'm stuck on him too. He used to be able to own me in 2 solid hits. Now it takes him 3 solid hits after I trained a little:D
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    Title Name

    Do you guys think that the title, "Kingdom Hearts" is a good title for the game Kingdom Hearts itself? Are there any other titles you would give the game?
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    how did kairi lose her heart?

    ya i think you are right
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    Name A Coolest Moment In KH1

    ya that was my favorite part too. Sora was so determined to save kairi's heart at that moment....
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    3 secret keyblades!

    i went on msn and typed in "kingdomhearts secrets" like you said and i didn't get nothin.
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    who got kh1 when it first came out

    I think i got the game somewhere around the years 2003-2004.
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    # of Deaths

    Im gonna be honest, so far in the game, i died like lots of times. Infact, I never keep track so i have no idea how many times I died but I know it's more that zero lol:D .
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    Easy bosses that should be hard

    Ya when my brother faced jafar in agrabah he wooped him on his first try. But when i beat him on my file it took my like 5. I think it was because he used the cheat in the beginning to make your character level up faster.
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    Hades Cup

    ok i am close to beating kingdomhearts because i just beat riku2(ansem) and got transported to traverse town. but before i proceed on with the game i am trying to finish the game 100%. I have already beaten 100 acre wood and found 51 dalmations so far, but i want to beat the Hades cup at the...
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    Favorite Character in KH2

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    Who agrees that the BHK is waay cooler that Sora?
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    Axel an Unknown

    I bet Axel is probably a hooded Unknown because his robes look similar and in com, he was with a group of people like Larxene with the same type of robes but without their hoods on.
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    Partial face shot of Enigmatic Man

    ya this is official artwork. I don't think I've seen a fan ever draw that good unless they've been drawing for years.
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    Axel unknown- his purpose

    I think there is a possibility that Axel is luring Sora into something interesting like a trap. I dont know....
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    have you ever noticed...(+ a theory)

    ya i agree because in chain of memories, sora gets his memories put back together but i think he was missing one. The thing that he had forgotten
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    possible fusions for Sora

    I'm not sure. maybe though. Because sora, donald and goofy are like the three muskateers, one for all and all for one. Just like in Kingdom Hearts when you can only use a trinity with donald and goofy. No one else
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    Secret of the BHK

    good cuz my bro and my friend were like wonderin that thx guys